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"Don't split heaven in two ..."

It is thirty years since a world war put an end to space development.
Most of the human race is dead and incessant rain falls on the surface of the Earth.
The Junk Hunter earns his living from scavenging precious supplies from abandoned cities.
The Junk Hunter infiltrates a Sealed City, reputed to be the most dangerous places on Earth. In the center of the city, he discovers a pre-war Planetarium.
Here he is greeted by the companion robot, Yumemi Hoshino.
She sincerely believes that he is her first customer in thirty years.
She invites him on a "voyage to the stars," but the Planetarium projector malfunctions.
After a succession of disjointed conversations, the Junk Hunter grudgingly agrees to fix it.

The kinetic novel - a thrilling new form of entertainment. It is neither novel, nor animation, nor game…
With the highest quality scenario, graphics, music and direction, it achieves a whole new dimension of realism and pathos for the lead characters.

The PC and mobile telephone version of "planetarian - Dream of Little Star" achieved sales of over 50,000. Now it is back to be enjoyed on your iPhone and iPad.

Writer: Yuichi Suzumoto
Original Images / Mechanic Design: Eiji Komatsu
Music: Magome Togoshi

This is an application version of the Windows software "planetarian - Dream of Little Star - Memorial Edition for all ages" released on April 30, 2010.
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Perfect storie

Khris135 on

The anime is gonna have 5 eps and I just couldn't wait any longer. This visual novel made everything better, all of the detail and translation are perfect. The background music,the characters, and the music. Another masterpiece from Key 😭😄😄

Beautiful visual novel

Mavisax on

Of course, what else to expect from Key but the greatest? This was an amazing quick read that brought tears to my eyes. It only took about 2-3 hours to finish, but that was with reading fast and not waiting for the dialogue to finish. I would guess it is around 4 hours if you do auto mode or wait for the dialogue to finish. Not much CG at all, but the story definitely makes up for it, and it is very touching indeed. I would highly recommend for a good read. Now, I'm off to go find a planetarium and cry :)

More English translated VN please

febriew on

I just knew that this is available in English nice.... Please bring more title and even better works on my 6 plus

Excellent Kinetic Novel

luciuskwok on

Can you call it a game if there are no choices to make? This visual novel is more novel than game, but it still is an engaging experience. There is full Japanese voice acting and English text, but the graphics are mostly static with minimal animation. But what is great is that this is from the same company that made great visual novels such as Kanon and Clannad, so you get a great story and cute characters. You can put it into auto-play mode and it takes about 4 hours. There’s also a “Novel” mode where the text is shown full screen. I’m hoping that they will bring over more of their visual novels to iOS in English.

Refreshing, Moving, Problem-Free

Yorkyorkyork on

I wrote a longer, more detailed, more passionate review, but it somehow ended up being erased after mis-typing my confirmation password ONCE. I'm kinda angry. I'll just be succinct this time because I can't recreate that earlier degree of fine-tuned praise... Favorable first impression. Embarrassment (I.e lots)of features and options. Fantastic voice acting, audio, writing, animate, and static images. Short game, but satisfying. Endearing characters. Outstanding atmosphere. Smooth app operation. Overall, just buy the visual novel. It's a great experience. Doesn't express how much I love this visual novel, but that's what you get when something erases the review of someone who is reluctant to type reviews in the first place. Thank you Key. Thank you Sekai Project. May more visual novels grace the west.


Tbendell on

I'm so happy there is an English translation for this little game, I've been wanting to play it for so long! Please translate Kanon and Air into English, I would definitely pay full price for them, thank you!! :)

“Witness the Infinite Splendor of the Cosmos"

Hope This is Helpful on

"Planetarian" is a visual novel that carries a simple tale with simple characters that find themselves in a fairly straightforward situation. Nothing about it is terribly complexed about it. But the way their drastic perspectives clash and interact is very profound and telling. It creates many layers of depth and a potentially life changing experience. CONTENT ISSUES: There is nothing for parents to worry about. This is a clean VN with virtually no questionable material. The main protagonist does say the D---n once or twice (maybe a few more...but as you can tell it was few enough for me not to remember). So, overall, this is a visual novel that anyone can pick up in terms of content issues. However, this is definitely one that requires an older audience to fully understand and appreciate. The themes are mature ones. BUT BACK TO THE GAME: For those that aren't familiar with visual novel genres of games, they are essentially games that are like glorified comic books melded with strong visual images, music, and storytelling. If you've ever played "Phoenix Wright", "Lux Pain", or "Symphonica"; then you are actually familiar with the genre. "Planetarian" is a Visual novel that breaks from that norm by having no "player choices" but strictly being a linear tale that the player reads through, page by page. What amazed me was how this VN turned something so mundanely commonplace (a planetarium) into such a profound symbol (of what? I'll let you discover). The writing was exceptional and poetic, the illustrations were very detailed and beautiful, but not exaggerated or over the top, and the music was simple...but very potent when combined with the other two media (visual and narrative). The tale, itself, is predictable, but that was not it's point. but the point was not in that so much as it was in the interaction and lives of the characters. It is relatively short by visual novel standards (only a few hours long), but by the end I was left speechless as I contemplated many of the themes found therein. There are tons of ideas one can glean and muse over in this one, but suffice it to say I was left hopeful and was reminded of the wonder and miracle of life, living, and ambition. It really was powerful and an experience I would want to share with many people. Just to be clear about one thing, I played the port of this for the I'm not sure if it applies to this PC version. But the one key problem was that there were a few grammatical issues (this is a

Support Great Storytelling

rockdisciple on

If you enjoy a good story, beautiful atmosphere, and character development, this is for you. Planetarian is one of the shorter visual novels (stories with music, artwork, voice acting, and often branching paths chosen by the player - though this title is fully linear and lacks such choices) by a Japanese company named Key, who has created many great, affecting stories and characters. All of the text has been translated into English, and the voiced dialogue remains in Japanese, which is great because the actors do a stellar job of conveying inflection and emotion. I was thrilled to find this translated and available in the App Store, so if this sounds appealing to you, I urge you to buy it and experience it for yourself. You'll be treated to something to something you won't soon forget, and will be supporting the importation of some of Japan's best storytelling. If you like the music, which is also beautiful, you can find it in the iTunes Store under the Key Sounds Label.

Omg !

#DontLikeThidVersion on

This is perfect, too bad it doesn't have an anime adaption, the music just goes along with it all ! One of the best few games imma remember

Just like every other Key production; Amazing!!

That monster in your closet on

I bought this as soon as I found out about it! I had no doubt that it would be good, and I didn't even read the description! It is definitely worth the 4 dollars; every emotional and just plain amazing! You fall in love with Yumemi the minute the introduce her :)

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