PLAY-DOH: Seek and Squish
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Close your eyes! It’s time for hide-and-go-seek, Play-Doh style!
Play-Doh: Seek and Squish is an original storybook made entirely of digital Play-Doh! In this ‘Seek and Squish’ adventure, friendly animals have gathered to welcome you, but suddenly, they are hiding all over a vibrant Play-Doh world. To find the animals, you need to squish your way through a variety of gorgeous Play-Doh landscapes with swipes and taps of the screen. Can you find all the animals in every habitat?
This interactive storybook adventure has eight colorful habitats where animals are ready to play hide-and-go-seek with you. Animals pop up everywhere in Play-Doh land, including the Ocean, the Desert, and the Arctic, but some are hiding in places you’d least expect them! Squish a shrub to uncover a whale, but does a whale belong in the forest? If not, it’s up to you to help the whale get home!
As readers discover each animal, they receive a reward, a new page in their personal Field Guide! Each entry is filled with fascinating facts about each animal, including what it eats and how it sounds. Readers also learn how to make Play-Doh animals at home with the real modeling compound. Readers can snap pictures of their creations to add to their Field Guide!
- 8 colorful, squishable Play-Doh habitats readers can explore: Desert, Garden, Ocean, Savannah, Farm, Forest, Arctic, Jungle.
- A different ‘squish and seek’ adventure every time-- animals change hiding places every time you revisit a habitat!
- An animal Field Guide filled with facts about how animals look, act, and sound, along with instructions to create your own Play-Doh animals
- Camera feature within Field Guide for displaying Play-Doh animal creations
- Practice early and emergent reading skills while learning about animals
- Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education experts
There are fabulous worlds to be found in books. Go exploring with Play-Doh: Seek & Squish!

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Tons of fun and educational-nice new scenes

jessiesmom112 on

Cute squishy story and a fun hide and go seek with the animals. We loved learning how to make animals from actual playdoh and taking a picture of them for our journal.

Not Much Here

Snaby777 on

Wow. This is so not worth 2.99. Only few environments to "squish and find." The instructions on making the animals with your own play doh are literally slide shows. My four year old played with this for 5 minutes. Waste of time and money, live and learn. Ugh!

Monkey Fan

KenwayKids on

This app is really cute and the journal shares some genuinely interesting facts about the animals.

Beautiful app!

EduKATE19 on

Great way to learn about animals and their environments.

Playing every day!

TheMaineMan5 on

My niece and I play this every day! The different animals and environments make it fun every time!

very creative!

Mom of 2 munchkins on

Our kids absolutely love Play-Doh, and our son is just learning to read. I have to say...this app is pretty darn cool. It's made completely from digital Play-Doh, helps my son get interested in sight words, and encourages him to be creative. GREAT app and very well done.

Great creative opportunity

Metrowest on

Even though I received a free code for this app, for the price, this is a great, creative, learning app. My five year old loved squishing the digital playdoh to find the hidden animals (and the sound it made in the process!) But his favorite part was the 'Field Guide' where he could learn how to make the animals with real playdoh and take a picture of what he made to add to the app. As a parent, I like the fine motor skills building, the directional learning, the creativity, and the traditional play feature in a digital app.

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