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A NEW app where awesome brands and influencers giveaway free stuff!

Brands and influencers make their own trivia questions that will determine who wins their giveaway!

Then we also create Play4Lunch trivia games which are all predictions about what’s going to happen in the future. Come join in and win prizes!

Play4Lunch Sports

PLay4Lunch sports is our sports prediction game that mirrors Lunch Boxing trivia!

You'll have more fun watching sports than ever before when you play. Lunch Boxing sports is:

1. Simple
2. Social and fun
3. Free to play
4. Accessible from anywhere
5. Designed with you in mind

I. It’s not sports betting, it’s better.

A. Designed so you can play free, fun sports games against your friends, family, co-workers, etc:

Play4Lunch’s gives you the ability to Lunch Box: a free competition between you and your friends for entertainment purposes. Playing is ALWAYS free. There is no consideration ever to enter and NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to play. The winner can win a reward from the other players or the loser has a consequence. We're a social network where you can share your best Lunch Boxing wins and losses.

Members (of the native or web apps) can use the PLay4Lunch app for free to create their own Lunch Boxing matches (sports P2P games where the winner gets a reward or loser gets a consequence). Play4Lunch does not endorse any particular predictions, picks, posters, and fully encourages everyone to use all available information when viewing or making predictions.

B. No gambling is ever permitted on the app:

Play4Lunch is in no way, shape or form a gambling app. No person using the app can deposit money on the app or risk anything of value ever, at any time. There is no ability to bet, wager, or risk real money or anything of value at any time on the app. All Play4Lunch matches/public matches are free to enter and play. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY and no consideration is ever required. Any rewards, consequences, or prizes gained or given out in these public matches are gratuitous, and a way of thanking customers for their loyalty in using the app. No rewards or consequences are legally binding. All are gratuitous. Except any rewards or consequences agreed to be provided by a third party company in a Public Reward Match, as described in the Terms and Conditions. Anything even remotely resembling gambling involves nothing of value at risk and is completely simulated. The point values listed are merely a way to track members skills in predicting sports outcomes, either for the benefit of a members own record keeping, as a data point in the to assess someone’s skills, or to enjoy participation in one of Play4Lunch's free and fun matches.
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Great App!

ciaaah on

My boyfriend and I are going to play this I'm not a huge sports fan, and my boyfriend loves sports. But love this app because it actually makes it fun to watch games with him! Now I'm excited about football this year (first time I can say that ever lol)

Awesome so far

nicky_087 on

Huge fan of this app! Can’t wait for football season. Gonna be great to play this on Sundays

My new favorite sports app

RichWhitman on

If you are a sports fan at all, you have to get this app. I just tried this out and can already tell this is going to make watching every game more fun.

All the fun of betting, and it’s FREE

ahenry1234567 on

I love this app. I don’t want to risk money, but I have a lot of fun playing games with my friends. This app let’s me have all the fun of betting with none of the risk. Excited to see where it goes.

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