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Pocket Organ C3B3 is a musical keyboard application for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch that simulates the Hammond Organ. The sound is generated with the synthesis of the waveforms from "Virtual Tonewheel System" controlled by 9 drawbars like the actual Hammond Organ. You will be surprised at the real sound generated from this App! Pocket Organ C3B3 is a Hammond Organ in your pocket or bag

Pocket Organ C3B3 has a rotary speaker effect like the Leslie speaker, which adds amazing realistic character and spatial depth on your organ playing. This effect can be changed to Fast (Tremolo), Slow (Chorale), or even Off (brakes). Visit our website to listen to the realistic and authentic sound!

- Authentic emulated sounds generated from "Virtual Tonewheel System" mixed by sliding 9 drawbars
- 61key + 61key, 5-octave Dual Keyboards with switchable key width
- Scrollable Keyboard that can be configured to your own octave key range on screen with 4 preset buttons
- Key transpose function (You can play a music of any key in the key of C)
- You can select the Keyboard scale of normal, minor Pentatonic, major Pentatonic, minor Blues, major Blues
- Rotary Speaker effect can be changed to Fast (Tremolo), Slow (Chorale), or even Off (brakes).
- Harmonic Percussion effect with adjustable decay, 2nd and 3rd harmonic
- Keyclick noise effect
- Built-in Reverb that simulates spring reverb
- Overdrive effects
- Scanner vibrato & chorus
- Shake your iPad/iPhone to play spring shock (reverb crash) effect like Jon Lord (keyboard player of Deep Purple) or Keith Emerson (a member of the Emerson, Lake & Palmer, ELP).
- iPhone's built-in accelerometer gives you amazing glissando effect control.
- 20 Factory Presets containing typical settings used by Rock, Jazz or Gospel Sounds
- You can add the User Memory Bank that allows you to store your own 20 patches (drawbars & effects settings) & Preset Packages with In App Purchase.
- Pocket Organ C3B3 is programmed by Shinya Kasatani, the creator of best selling iPhone App "PocketGuitar" and is designed by Junichiro Yamasaki of "Super Manetron".
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Hard Rock Pack
User Memory Bank
Jazz & Gospel Pack
Great Rock Selection
Super Rock Selection
Progressive Rock Pack
Reggae & Psychedelic Pack


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Really nice B3 simulator

Philm35 on

I use this app with a MIDI keyboard, and it makes a lovely, easily transported setup for jamming with friends. The B3 sound is decent. I think the rotary speaker effect sounds way too fast on the fast setting. I wish this was user adjustable. I also wish I could dial back the vibrato/chorus effect. But this definitely beats hauling 400 lbs of Hammond and Leslie around.

Need help

Dream star1000 on

I am having a very hard time loading the presets that a bought. Can anyone help. I’m missing something. For one the app doesn’t have a u1 or U2 bank only 1 to 6. And how do I Play or install the patch names like Jerusalem? yes I already purchased it. Yes this is flustrating.

Unequaled tone

panicrev555 on

I am putting together an original psychedelic rock album and searching for the Steppenwolf keyboard sound. I put this app through an EHX Lester K with the drive cranked on both and get an amazing sound! I hate dealing with the iRig stuff though so I bought a nord Electro 6D figuring the sound should be at least as good as this app for $2.5K - no dice. To say I’m bummed is an understatement. Even into the Lester K the nord doesn’t come close. I’m new to the nord so I’ll see if there is a solution but this app is an amazing recreation of a Hammond organ and dirt cheap!

A must have Hammond Players

Climax510 on

This app is a must have for any Black Church Organist. Jazz keys player.

Awesome Organ

Maples Ex on

Great instrument; But I can't agree more with the other guy's comment...this app would have it nailed if only you could control the Leslie's speed via foot pedal. I solve this frustrating issue by switching the the app's brake to off, then open it in audiobus along with ToneStack 3 (Yonac). I then play it through 2 of ToneStack's most killer stompboxes: the 'Rotarybox' and the 'Scanner chorus/vibrato'. It makes for a super sweet combination. NOW... I do want caution those of you who use iRig keys PRO. I have had a weird problem with C3B3 repeating the same register/octave while move up and down the keyboard. It's only happened w/ this app on that controller (???). If I'm missing something, help me out; But I can't figure it out. I'm thinking its the app because when I switch to another app like Garageband I don't have this problem. I only use C3B3 with either my Carbon 49 or Axiom 61. Anyway I'm sure that's plenty to ponder- that's my 2 cents- BJMc Chicago-

Great developer

aPpTrAmP on

I mentioned to the developer that it would be great to be able to change the midi channels. Boom - done. (Haven't checked if sustain pedal controls Lezlie like w g-band organs, but hoping..) Now I can keep GarageBand off completely; as its omni-midi interferes with the other instruments while I use Audiobus. The least I could do was purchase a Joey D soul preset for $.99!


JWord_J-Word on

I need the app work even when I'm outside of the app.

I'm amazed...

Jeff0566 on

It's unbelievable what you can do on an IPad Air 2 with apps like these, who needs a recording studio or producer breathing down your neck, recording studios are quickly becoming a thing of the past... Jeff Mercer Mentor Ohio

Problem with notes

EX1 music on

There is a problem with some of the keys when playing two consecutive notes on a run that are exactly the same note. I have purchased extra sounds on this app but is useless if it is broken. Please fix this problem. Thank You

Hammond c3b3

hammondb3 organist on

Yeah I love the app but the Leslie is what needs work the lower rotor is SERIOUSLY Wayyyy too fast,love the wind down time of it but when It reaches full speed it's just too fast,otherwise great app.Leslie lower rotor Doppler effect just need to be slowed down.

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Dec 18, 2009 (14 years ago )
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