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Indexed in 6 languages

You may be fluent in four languages but sometimes you
could find yourself ”off the beaten track“ where you cannot speak the language. ”point it“ , is the answer. Everyone in the world will understand you. This passport-sized assistant is used not only by tourists but also by UN peacekeeping forces, Olympic athletes and speech therapists.

“Let your pictures do the talking...”
- Evening Standard, London

„Ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Völkerverständigung.“
- Süddeutsche Zeitung, München

„Pour commander une omelette ou expliquer au policier pourquoi on est mal garé, il suffit de montrer la photo correspondante.“
- Le Monde, Paris

„‘Sesam üppna dig‘ för dagens globetrotter.“
- Form, Stockholm

“This is not only the cheapest book in print, it is possibly the bestselling photobook of all time.”
- The photobook: A history Vol. II, London

„Dieter Graf, een architect en fanatieke reiziger, fotografeerde een halve huishouding.“
- Volkskrant, Amsterdam

„Die Idee für das Buch ist so einfach wie genial. Neben Zahnbürste, Pass und Kreditkarte sollte es zum Standardgepäck jedes Reisenden gehören.“
- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

„Con un milione e ottocentomila copie vendute, è il libro fotografico più famoso del mondo. Raccoglie milleduecento immagini e non una riga de testo.”
- La Repubblica, Roma

„Spiegeleier, Klimaanlagen, Weingläser sehen überall gleich aus. Ein genialer Einfall.“
- Bild, Hamburg

„Alors, que vous soyez à Londres, Tokyo, Bangkok ou Mexico, point it!”
- ELLE, Paris

„Mit dem Zeigefinger um die Welt: Die Sprache, die jeder versteht.“
- Kurier, Wien

“The photographs are neatly arranged, related objects are cleverly bunched, and not much appears to be missing.”
- The Guardian, London

„Die besten Ideen sind genial einfach – es muss nur einer darauf kommen.“
- Spiegel, Hamburg

“You’ll never have to mime “roast chicken” again.”
- HQ Magazine, Sydney

"A simple but effective idea."
- The Times, London
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Foreign travel guide

bigwaterapp on

Going off the grid? Need something badly? Not speaking your tongue? Pointit has a photo for you. Body parts , sports gear, foods, bike parts, transport, medical issues, lodging and much more are all at your finger tip. This app communicates when others fail. Try it.

Fixed water marks

Biltoe on

As of late 2019 there are no water marks, seems to be the same as the book with the ability to zoom in.

Watermarks all over photos render app useless!

Amazingerikaaa on

So disappointed to find out all photos have a huge watermark that makes it difficult to 'point' at what you need . Huge letdown

Point it

curtiscurtis on

The is a great idea and the book is super cute and useful, I've owned it for years. I just bought the app, opened it and saw these stupid watermarks on EVERY SINGLE PAGE. Frankly, it's so ugly and distracting, I'd like a refund... Nobody's going to steal your photos, paranoid, you own the copyright...

Reduce the Watermarks

Sco'rt on

The watermarks really make this difficult to use. There is no search feature. The orientation is locked in horizontal.

Ugh! The watermarks!

ajlajl on

I'm a huge fan of the book! So having said that, I understand the authors wish to make sure his photos aren't stolen by someone else, but the watermarks are really distracting and make the photos much less usable for what was intended. Also what would be great would be a search function where you could type in tags.

The heavy watermarks !!

Alltogether on

I have owned the printed version for many years and also the old app. This heavy watermarking is absolutely ridiculous and makes the app very user unfriendly. Get rid of the watermarks please.

No added value if you own the printed version

pareep on

The app is merely a scanned version of the physical book. The app has a good index, but the pictures are heavily watermarked and lack resolution. If you own a copy of the book you'll get better results by taking pictures of all pages with your own iPhone.

Fantastic book and decent app

Thepeacekepr on

I travel extensively to developing countries ant the printed "point-it" book is fantastic. I have purchased many copies as gifts for friends deploying in peacekeeping missions. Developer pls fix issue: When you try to zoom on an image the right side get cut off. Note: Travel safe - pulling out a USD $600 phone in a developing country may make you a target.

Awesome and Useful!!

Robotopotato on

Great for the world traveller on the go! Perfect for travel when you don't know all the foreign words. I love all the miniature pictures. I used to have to book and now I love having a digital version. #firsties

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