Purple Place - Classic Games
Guess, Bake, Dress up
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Welcome to "Purple Place - Classic Games" a fun-filled game where you'll embark on three exciting adventures like good old times! Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of creativity and challenge. Let's dive into the details of each game mode:

Cake Master:
Step into our delightful cake-making world and unleash your inner pastry chef! Experience the joy of baking as you craft scrumptious cakes. With an array of delectable flavors and mouthwatering toppings at your disposal, create the most exquisite cakes that will leave everyone craving for more. From creamy chocolate cakes to delightful wedding and birthday cakes, you'll have the chance to decorate them with beautiful decorations. Channel your culinary skills and become the ultimate Cake Master! Choose from three difficulty levels and unlock numerous levels as you progress.

Memory Match:
Prepare for a challenge in this exciting memory-based game! Flip the cards on the board and find the matching pairs. Sharpen your memory skills as you race against the clock to match all the pairs. With colorful and engaging card designs, every game will keep you on your toes. Explore different levels and unlock new challenges as you showcase your memory prowess. Can you conquer the Memory Match and emerge victorious?

Fashion Frenzy:
Enter the fabulous world of fashion and style in our wardrobe extravaganza! Play as the character stylist and dive into an extensive collection of trendy clothes. Your task is to pick the perfect outfit for the character, ensuring they look their absolute best. With an array of clothing options, mix and match to create stunning ensembles. Test your fashion sense and match the correct suits to achieve the highest scores. Show off your style expertise and create memorable looks!

Embark on these three captivating adventures in "Purple Place - Classic Games". Each game offers unique challenges, rewarding gameplay, and countless levels to conquer. Whether you're baking cakes, testing your memory, or showcasing your fashion flair, these games promise endless hours of excitement and fun. Good luck, and may the games begin!

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great for nostalgia but …

rissa4998 on

this game is amazing !! i got it to relive my childhood and its pretty much spot on however my game had a couple glitches that made it hard … the dress up game none of my choices would register , it would never show certain features and for thr cake game sometimes it would register touches i didnt make

old version

jcdnaa on

i love this game but i feel like the old version is wayyy better than the new one in my opinion even though it’s the same in all but i still like the old version one way better

My childhood!!!

misssnunu on

The same exact games. What I expected, I’m happy I bought it 🥹

not the same

psyychedelicate on

not at all the same. okay fine its pretty similar but the art style is too new, the games are just a step or two off, and it just isnt what i played 15 odd years ago. i know im being harsh but it breaks my heart a little. if you just want a game thats sort of purble place then buy this but for my two silly dollars i was hoping for a slightly more faithful replication and should have stared at the pics longer. however. im sure the developer isnt the guy who owns purble place technically and they probbos had to change it. i jsut cant. its not the same


itzz_tatiana on

No is the same 😞

It popped off and now they charge

cmon bro /: on

Would’ve been a lot better if they didn’t take advantage of the nostalgia factor. Clearly they read everyone’s 5 star reviews talking about the nostalgia it brought and realised they could make money off of it. Pretty pitiful. I downloaded this when it was free and was flabbergasted it was $2 when I told my friend to download it. Inflation even be hittin the games now……

Would be better if they had the sounds.

amongussussyballspee on

There’s no sound!

No just no !!!

MariiGhee on


So nostalgic

Aubreigh? on

This used to be my favorite game as a kid, and they did a great job turning it into an app. Maybe it’s not so difficult or not enough modes, but it’s also been 15 years. Of course it’s not so difficult 😭😭😭 It’s a great game. I was giddy when I saw it on the app store.


BleachCocktail on

Anyone who doesn’t give this 5 stars doesn’t know how amazing this game was on windows Vista. This game was my childhood when home computers were becoming common

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Semyon Popov
Danish, Russian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Hindi, Indonesian, Turkish, Norwegian Bokmål, Greek (modern), German, Italian, Estonian, Latvian, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Ukrainian, Swedish, Belarusian, Chinese, Romanian, Finnish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean
Recent version
3.0.1 (6 months ago )
Released on
May 17, 2019 (4 years ago )
Last updated
1 week ago