PV Master - Professional photovoltaic solar panels
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Find all the photovoltaic data you need for your location.
When you input coordinates manually, they have to be in decimal format.
If unsure, get coordinates from google maps.
"This iPad and iPhone app is a comprehensive tool intended to help solar professionals calculate basically all aspects of a photovoltaic array. This includes weather information like clear sky days, hourly angle of the sun throughout the year and more.

It doesn’t stop there, though. The app generates information on the size of system you’ll need and how many panels would be in it. It also calculates what the size a battery backup would have to be for a proposed system. The app also includes a guide and a glossary where users can get more information.

Basically, it’s like having a solar engineer at your fingertips." --cleanenergyauthority.com
This is an application for professionals of the photovoltaic/solar panel industry. PV Master is essential to any person in the field who needs relevant information always available.
Weather you’re a construction company/panel installer or serious DIY enthusiast this app will satisfy all your needs and requirements when it comes to setting up a green energy system. The sun is the future and with this app you can make it happen yourself.

The application is divided into 5 sections:
Here you have all the indeces you will ever need * explicitly for your current coordinates * (such as number of clear sky days, insolation incident, hourly solar angle relative to horizon, battery sizing and deficits, frequency of near-overcast skies, frost days average, average wind direction and speed, average monthly precipitation and pressure and much much more).

If you’re a DIY look for home improvement or simply “getting started” in this field, here you will find a general guide with the necessary steps and considerations to be made when setting up a photovoltaic panel system.

Pannel Calc
The most frequently asked questions we face when looking into the feasability of sun as energy is “how many panels will I need?”. Thanks to this app the big question is easily answered. Gather the data from the first section and your current electricity bills, input the values and you’re done. Then it’s up to you to decide weather you wish to do it or not...

Battery Calc
If you’re serious about going green then you definitely have to account for everything. The sun is always there but we all know there are many variables that might disrupt our “fuel”. For this reason we need to also account for batteries and surplus storage to evoid wasting potential energy and also not be “stuck” when during the colder season. Again, just gather data, insert it in the easy fields and you’re down. You know everything about kind, capacity and quantity of batteries you need.

This is another great section essential for any starter (although even experts will surely learn something form it). A collection of A-Z terms related to this this topic. You can jump to a certain letter if you wish to find something out otherwise just scrolling through it to educate yourself is a great way of spending time.

Additional Info
On startup, the app requests your location and fetches the specific data for the entire first section. This is on actual coordinates, not just state or city...pinpoint!
Every successful data fetch gets stored locally (no need to worry about privacy) so that if the next time you open the app there is no internet connection (perhaps you’re “on-site”) you will still have the everything available.
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Apple needs to remove this app

roferpr on

Does not work, and appears tha t stopped working in 2018 (as noted in comments below). Where can I get a refund? 😡


flautadanzon on

Used to love this app for 6 years, now it stopped working. Totally USELESS. Shame.

Won’t even find location

kjsweden on

Inputted latitude and longitude and then screen stays blank... wast of 9.99 :-(

PV Master App

Unhappy Purchaser 7 on

This worked for the first week. Then it wouldn't open any more. Total POS!

Total piece of garbage!!

Murfdeezy on

I bought this app in hopes of having a handy PV calculator or some other resources available on my phone. Piece of crap literally never even opened once!!! Crash. Crash. Crash. Total scam!!!


egg$138 on

I thought it would do more I know how to do most of these calculations on paper....the data could be handy if I traveled to install PV in different regions I suppose....the glossary is nice to have.....I should have kept the Lite free version

Database Unreachable

Northland5 on

I've been trying to get this to work as well but the database returns an 'err' message and there's no troubleshooting guide either. I'll be contacting Apple for a refund as well.

U.S. Nova Corporation

Garrbelly on

It has been an hour now and the app is still trying to connect to the remote database. I'm starting to wonder if there really is a data base. There does not seem to be a way to contact the developer in any way. Will try to get in touch with Apple to see if I can get a refund for this app. Shame, I really wanted it to work.

Could be better

Ned the App trier on

I use this in my iPhone 4. It displays almost all the statistics I need for my location, running a small 600 watt per day system. The battery and panel calculators are handy. These things could be better: * The borderless "Manual coordinates" button on the main menu is too tiny and hard to click. * When you click a field to enter a decimal, the text keyboard opens. * Overall performance is slow. * Statistics only displayed properly when viewed in landscape. * This has a really boring interface. Don't get me wrong, this is a good app and I give 4 stars. For $12 this app should be better.

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