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"I have quit smoking for 90 days thanks to this app and never going back!!" - Travis ◆◆◆◆◆

Less than a pack of cigs and this app will pay for itself 100's of times over!

This app helps you quit smoking by logging your cravings and smoking! It lets you choose to quit smoking cold turkey, cut back to your desired quit smoking date, or choose a quit smoking date in the past!

Lets face it... It's TOUGH to quit smoking, period. But remember YOU CAN DO THIS!

In fact a non smoker of 20 years says,

"Quitting cigarettes was the hardest thing I ever did, but the secret was to consciously make a note every time I had a smoke or craving. Every time I broke down and smoked a cigarette I reminded myself of my family and my kids to motivate me to never slip up again!"

That is exactly what this app will do for you! It lets you keep a custom motivational picture and quote to remind you WHY you NEED to quit! It lets you easily track cravings and smoking to show your progress. It even shows you real time stats on your health improvement, money saved, cigarettes not smoked and MORE!

Buy this app for a dollar and quit today so that you can reach your optimal health and feel good again!

Check out the reviews and screen shots and see for yourself.

NOTE: Health improvement statistics are based on World Health Organization statistics and not indicative of your actual health. Always see your family doctor to monitor your actual health.

√ NUMBER ONE Quit Smoking app in the store!
√ Track your cravings and smokings!
√ Quit today or cut back to your quit date!
√ See motivational picture and quote to motivate you!
√ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself

◆◆◆◆◆ - "Works great and very accurate!"
◆◆◆◆◆ - "Amazing technology! Brilliant!"
◆◆◆◆◆ - "I love this app! I am doing great so far and love the health statistics page!"
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This app saved my life

rockartist131 on

Literally. I quit back in 2015. It was hard for a while and I never would’ve made it without this app and the support group in the chat. Never looked back!

App broken for months

Darkepoison on

Don’t pay as app is no longer supported. It is broken which is very sad as it has done so much good.


Tony two time on

You have to link to Facebook and it’s been broken for months it won’t link!

This app and community saved my life❣️

Ochun517 on

As if 1/9/22, I’m almost 8 years nicotine free after about 35 years smoking. The support from the community is amazing along with features to see progress in quitting. Please fix the app so others can benefit the same.

Wonderful supporting community

Clinternet on

Nicotine free since 4/3/18 - It's interesting how little reviews there are on the app store. The community is full of those that have said NOPE! The community helps each other and nurtures one another through the success and the hard times. I largely owe my success in quitting nicotine to the support that I have found on this forum. There some neat little graphs and things also., But it is really the human interaction of people going through the same trials and tribulations that you are.

They’re Baaaaasssck!!!

Brennymann on

I love this app. I love it so much, in fact, that when the app went down because of a server error I wrote an angry review. The app is great. It has motivating quotes. You can put a motivating pic on your page to remind you of why you quit. There is also a counter, which tracks days and improvements in health. By far the best part is the Butt Out community. Here you can get great advice from Butt Out vets and post when you’re having a bad time of it or to celebrate a milestone. It’s a great app with great members who help each other. If you are trying to quit, try this app!!!

Not working right but great when it works

Lashbes on

Can’t access the community receive error message the couldn’t connect to server error messages please refresh. I’ve refreshed I’ve deleted the app and added it back. I’ve reached out to the developer with no luck. The support community is such an important part of the quit. I hope this gets fixed soon Also when I click on the health icon for info on circulation or lung health the app fails and brings me back to the Home Screen. The app is a great idea and a HUGE help in my quit. I’ve recommended it to many over the last few weeks. Now I’m embarrassed for recommending it as it’s not working.

Smoke Free Strong

v2911 on

March 7, 2015 my journey as a non smoker began. Butt Out app is the best app ever made it gave me my life back. The community board was so encouraging and supportive without that I doubt I would have been successful. My suggestion is use all the features in the app and stay connected to the community board, and you will reach your goal.


johnnyOKidA on

App is pretty neat. But the health tab...whenever I click on any of the progress bars...ie circulation , lung health, etc...the app crashed. I’m only assuming that there is additional info past these clicks...sad that I paid for something that doesn’t seem to function properly.


Update Plz!! on

My option to tapper down to a quit date in the future is gone!! I need that part!!

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