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Contrary to popular belief, weed can be addictive. In fact, approximately 15% of marijuana smokers become addicted. If you've tried to quit or regulate your use in the past without success, then your relationship with this plant is probably not perfect, and you're aware of it.

If you're having trouble quitting weed and you want help and motivation, or if you want to track your progress, download this app. Quitting is possible, and it's worth it. I once was a heavy user myself, and I created this app to help others stop using this drug. I know how hard it can be.



• Track smoke-free time
• Remember your quit date
• Calculate money saved
• Measure the amount of weed not consumed
• Count joints/bong hits you've skipped
• And more...


• Earn rewards as you make progress
• Over 40 different achievements to unlock
• 3 categories of achievements to motivate you


• Watch your health improve with various milestones
• List of withdrawal symptoms to anticipate and overcome


• Detailed guide for the first 6 weeks of your quit journey, divided into three phases
• Each phase comes with a tailored tips section
• Understand potential withdrawal symptoms for each stage, preparing you for what lies ahead
• Extra motivation and support when you need it most

© Michal Janecek 2023
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Quit Weed Pro


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390 ratings in United States

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highly recommend

macywallace on

extremely motivating and helpful!

Really helpful

michums1 on

This app made a big difference for me when I quit. Not only does it show you how many days you’ve been clean, but it also tracks the likely withdrawal symptoms you’ll experience, and gives you an estimate for when they’ll improve. Highly recommend.

Free and well made

kaitekikatherine on

This app is organized and works very well. It’s nice to have an app that has options for ad free stuff, but doesn’t force you to buy it.


Boss918 on

Great app. This has absolutely helped me in my quest to become free from my addiction to weed. So happy here in Tulsa.

Great app!

Just got to 5 days 🤞🙏 on

So many great, free features. Thank you for making this app!!

Great app

Dr. Euphoria on

Wish I discovered this earlier… purchased the Pro version without ads and it’s worth it! Please make a widget for this app!

I like it, although,

mRpIcKlE1029384757 on

It does not have the option for d8 pens, so I cannot really use the money side of it, however it is good for the countdown and my symptoms. It is always something to look back on and see my progress. Great app.

Super Helpful Tool

KimmyKaboom on

This app was recommended to me by another fellow cannabis addict, and it’s been very helpful. The free version is great- you can see your progress (days weed free, how much weed you’ve avoided, how much $ you’ve saved). It also shows your progress with when withdrawal side effects generally subside and when your body and brain have had enough time to heal. I’ve paid for the full version, and that includes information about the long-term phases of marijuana sobriety, the common side effects in each phase, encouragement, and tips for coping.

doesn’t restart health tabs

Paypaysawyer on

as someone trying to quit, i’ve fallen off the ol’ wagon a few times. unfortunately, that makes this app not very useful to me other than the main screen with timers. anytime i reset my quit date, it resets the timers but does not reset the health tabs, making them useless stats. the timer is handy but i really enjoyed looking at the health tabs so without those, i uninstalled.

Very good

flufferpie on

I enjoy the running timers. I also find the Health tab useful, because I can see the symptoms of withdrawal and get an idea when I’ll have relief.

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Michal Janecek
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Sep 19, 2022 (1 year ago )
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