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The original voice and call recorder for iOS. Recorder is your one-button audio recording solution. Record memos, discussions, interviews, and ideas on your iPhone. Use it as a voice recorder or a sound recorder. Record for seconds or hours.
With an extremely simple interface, Recorder is the best app for all of your recording needs.

- Record for seconds or hours.
- Seek, pause during playback.
- Email short recordings.
- Wifi sync any recordings.
- 44.1k high quality recording.
- Pause while record.
- Level meters.
- Visual trim.
- Record outgoing calls.
- Create an account (optional) so you'll always be able to transfer your recordings between devices.

For more tips + tricks, visit Need help? That’s what we’re here for. Email [email protected] with any of your questions.
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1 Credit
8 Credits
one hour block of call recording
eight hour block of call recording


User Rating

2.65 out of 5

20 ratings in United States

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Doesn’t work

review...?!!783!&:@9:& on

Downloaded app paid for app Paid for credits. Tried to call. Only get busy signals


LaTeaabsg on

Dont get this app it said i already had an account when i have never had this app before and it wouldnt let me request my password.

Scam Alert

momanickname on

It doesn't record outgoing call and the worst part is they don't refund you when you as for it. Don't waste your money and time, this is an scam Apple is letting these scammer getting away with what they are doing.

Don’t download

12profxz on

There’s no way to communicate problems I paid $ and can’t use Terrible


MarinCounty on

I have use this recording up for many years… And for the most part it’s great and does what you need to do. But just recently I had accidentally left the recorder going long after the period of time that I needed to record, and wanted to trim the recording. Every other single editing program in the world that I’ve used that has a cut function can cut out parts of the recording that you do not want. So I was happy to see this had that available, so I thought. I am so upset that their scissor icon for cutting out the section of the recording that you do not want, ends up KEEPING ONLY what you wanted to delete. It’s the absolute most ludicrous thing to select the portion that you want to cut, and use their scissor function to find out that it doesn’t cut that, it only keeps it and deletes the rest, more atrocious is the fact that you have no way to reverse the action!! Consequently I lost a very valuable recording. Very upset.

Payments and using

tima-tim on

You buying this app and still need to pay for credits to record your calls. Not comfortable to use. One of worst recording apps

Not happy

XxThatxDudexX on

I just paid $.99 for the app just to learn I had to then pay for credits for calls. Don’t recommend. Don’t waste your time.

Works great for me…various 'Phones

Al G for Peace on

Are use it all the time for speech and music rehearsal recording… Never have had a problem The Wi-Fi download is very handy… I only wish it preserved date and time stamp (which are very handy to have, thank you) Thank you!

False advertising

Troonrose on

Paid app price then learned had to pay for individual call recordings so cancelled immediately. I will look for the refund

Always works, love the phone-record feature!

PraiseorGrump on

I have used Recorder on every phone I’ve had since I bought it, years ago. That includes a 5S, 6+, 6S + and my 7+. Works perfectly with each one. It is an outstanding recorder for daily use in capturing audio in many situations. I use it when I want to document or remember a conversation. And occasionally for phone calls. Recorder’s best benefit is the superb quality of its phone call recordings. Easy to use, always effective. It’s simple to retrieve the audio files and edit them — or to transfer them to another app or to a Mac or PC for more extensive editing. If you have any challenges or questions of any kind, I’ve found Retronym, the developer, to be great with support and follow through. Their website has a FAQ and other sources of information available. Easy to give this five stars! I have never had anything except success with it; “it just works,” as described here. One last anecdote. Years ago, a friend’s father died unexpectedly. My ability to use Recorder to retrieve the last phone calls from his dad from an answering machine meant more to my grieving buddy than anything I have ever done for him as a friend, before or after. Recorder made that little gesture (a very big one, to my friend) very easy and simple. Recorder’s small cost has been justified many times over to me by its instant availability in my iPhone and its flexibility and usefulness — and for its reliability whenever I really need it. I feel slightly guilty, because I should’ve written this great review long ago. I take the app for granted because it works so well.

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dan walton
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Recent version
12.0.1 (7 years ago )
Released on
Feb 1, 2019 (5 years ago )
Last updated
3 weeks ago