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Gold Stars for Good Behavior
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Motivate kids by rewarding them with gold stars for anything you'd like, from "Trying New Foods", to "Brushing My Teeth", "Keeping My Cool", "Completing My Chores", etc.

EASY: Create a virtual sticker chart in seconds, with a minimum of fuss
FUN: Meticulously designed to delight
CRAZY-EFFECTIVE: See amazing results — surprisingly fast!

Chart ideas:
- Being Patient
- Practicing Piano
- Using the Potty
- Listening to Mom
- Studying Math
- Doing My Homework
- Keeping My Room Clean
- Brushing My Teeth
- Being a Good Friend
- Treating My Brother/Sister with Respect
- Eating Fruits & Vegetables
- Keeping My Play Area Neat
- Participating in Class
- Keeping My Hands to Myself

- Charts can optionally include a reward
- Details/reasons can be added to earned stars, a nice record of accomplishments to review
- Stars can also be removed :-(
- See a player's current and archived charts at any time
- Choose from 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 stars required
- Create a new chart based on one you've recently completed

Try Stellar FREE. Use it as long as you like with one chart at a time. Unleash the full power of Stellar with a one-time in-app purchase to enable all features: Swipe between multiple charts to easily track and reward different behaviors and/or players.
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483 ratings in United States

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Needs instructions

junebugbh on

There are no directions telling you how to use the app. Very difficult to get to the screen to add stars

Great app!!

Lel00na on

Great app!! Keeps my kids motivated, they love earning stars!


crasmu6 on

Absolutely fantastic! Wish I had found it sooner

My kid loves it

Krazyker on

I’ve been using this app for 2 years with my now 8 year old and she still loves earning stars. Great one time price

Almost perfect

Sudub369 on

I need 100 stars. It would be nice to be able to do custom amounts.

The most important productivity app on my phone

Morinu on

More important than the calendar. More important than the to-do list. Why? Because Stellar helps me change my habits, so that I actually USE the calendar and the to-do list. And write down my ideas. And take action instead of being indecisive. It is life-changing. With Stellar, I have the power to implement any change I want and make it stick. GET THIS APP. (I use it for myself, not for my kids, so all claims are for an adult with their own phone using the app to improve their own life.) I have backgrounds in both psychology and design, and I can tell that the developer has either really done their research or they’ve iterated to empirically find what works. Or both. For example, the sparkle animation when a star is awarded may seem unnecessary, but it actually serves as a visual reward, reinforcing the desired behavior. You can use this app however you want, and it will probably still help you, but if you want to know how I use it, read on. Here’s what I do: 1. I use only one sticker chart, and I keep it going at all times. When I finish it, I make the new one immediately, and I get a sticker for doing that. (What? You don’t deserve a sticker just for making a new chart! Yes, I do, because the habit of using this app is the foundation of my productivity, so I reward actions that keep that foundation strong.) 2. Every time I do anything that aligns with who I want myself to be, I immediately give myself a sticker. Every time I do a behavior that I want to reinforce, I immediately give myself a sticker. Every time I finish something that I would normally procrastinate, or even if I start working on something I’d normally procrastinate, or if I do something that I would normally resent but that needs to get done, I give myself a sticker. All my stickers go on the same chart. 3. When I make the new chart, I choose one identity-based intention and write it in the top space (the title). Examples: Action oriented. Decisive. 4. For the subtitle, I write a sentence that I would like to have be true about myself, about the physical behavior that shows the identity I am cultivating. For example, for “action oriented”: “I do it now because the ‘better time’ I’m waiting for doesn’t exist.” Or for “decisive”: “I sense what I’ve already started to do, and I just do it.” 5. Whenever I give myself a sticker, I watch the sparkly animation, and I celebrate the behavior that earned the sticker. I also read the title and subtitle, and I reaffirm my inte

Love how simple it is!

jlhm17 on

I love how simple and straightforward this app is! I’m an adult who uses it, and it works great for me! I’m sure my child would love it too, lol. I only wish that I could choose the number of stars I want on the chart. Right now, I’m working on a project that would require 5 stars. It would be great to be able to customize that!

Fun motivator

Tryintohinkofanickname on

My kids love the thrill of putting a star in its place, hearing the sound effects, and seeing glitter! This has really helped motivate my 4 and 6 year old for homeschooling and other tasks. It’s a simple, helpful tool. We like that we can make multiple star charts for multiple people. When we finish a chart, we have the option to make the same one again (archived charts). Unfortunately, the app frequently freezes up and needs to be closed and reopened. I also wish there was an option to easily clear a chart. We like to give prizes for stars earned each week and then start fresh the next week, but there isn’t a simple way to do this. We have to either create a new chart or delete stars earned in the current chart.

New user

Grammie PJW on

Amazing tool for kids

could use more features

P0xzxxx on

For 5 bucks this is a bit lack of features

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