Sand in a Box : Pixel Magic
Kinetic Powder in Sand Physics
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Sand in a Box is a falling sand simulation app. Just touch the screen to see how grains of sand fall and form stacks. Just try it and you see how fun it is to form landscapes out of sand or watch the water flow.

- Sand Physics: Watch how sands falls and interacts with walls and elements
- intuitive controls: touch the screen to "paint" the sand.
- 9 building materials: brick, concrete, metal, foam, sponge and more.
- Different colors of sand!
- Fluids: water and oil, with different colors that now can be mixed together!
- 8 special elements: acid, lava, TNT, bacteria and more.

Version 4.0 introduced new simulation algorithm. As some reviewers suggested, they liked older version better, so we're reverting to original simulation from 2011 and we make it even better. Now particles move more freely making simulation more dynamic and there's no more randomization involved in simulation.

Version 5.00 takes it even further introducing many new elements to play with, 36 in total from just 4 from previous releases.

Box has no bottom anymore, particles that fall on the bottom will appear on top. If you're thinking with portals you know what I mean. Now you can create endless waterfalls or sandfalls and redirect particles in any way.
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Great game but…


I wish you wouldn’t have to pay for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. and also ADD MORE STUFFFFFFFF

This is a very cool game

LillyGrace on

I really like this game I played a lot


JonesMcbonez on

Yiggedy yo can u please put in sum more tools yo?

Android Support.

DL giving visit so on

I love this game a lot! However, it’s not on android. I saw it there before though, why did you remove it? Can you add it back? Besides that, this game is fun.

This is the best game in the world

Boogaa Boyy on

This game is so amazing I can’t stop playing that I play it every day

Sand Fall is back!

GenToker.c3po on

Best sand fall game on iPhone! Tons of selectable sands! Really solid physics. Bricks and sponges! Concrete and funnels! Hot sand, cold sand, water, fire, and sand sand! You can (Grow sand). Hope you enjoy.

Wish more things

dkmt3 on

I wish more things and I didn’t like the locked things why do you have to pay for thing?? I don’t like it!


imawnch on

So satisfying and cool.

It’s awesome but it should have more things

josheppo7 on

I love how I can create a bunch of things and destroy them and create even more would it be way cooler if it had more elements and more materials

Bad game to much money

Animalover1 name on game on

I hate this game because to much money gold digger.

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Patryk Zielinski
Recent version
5.41 (1 year ago )
Released on
Aug 13, 2010 (13 years ago )
Last updated
4 days ago