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The Serato Remote Mini is a special version of the Serato Remote, designed specifically for use with your iPhone or iPod touch. Designed to compliment an existing Scratch Live or Serato DJ setup, we took the best parts from the Serato Remote and stripped it back for better usability with the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPod touch. Now you can have the Serato Remote with you at all times, ready to whip out for a little extra control at your next party. 

Serato Remote Mini will connect seamlessly to your Serato laptop software and work with all supported Scratch Live and Serato DJ hardware. Load tracks, instant double, set and trigger Cue Points, Loops and Samples and manipulate FX. Connect over USB for ultra low latency or wirelessly, freeing you to move around the stage. 

We’ve designed the app with real world performance in mind: 

• Plug & Play with easy set up 
• Big easy to hit buttons that are quick to locate on the fly 
• Control Cue Points, Samples and FX 
• Perform Auto Loops and Loop Rolls 
• Perform super fast Instant Doubles 
• Roll FX Mode combines Loop Rolls with momentary FX
• Cue Point inherited from the Serato laptop software 
• Virtual Decks, BPM and time information mirror the information on your laptop 
• Scroll your library and load to deck.
• Control of your Scratch Live or Serato DJ Sample Player. 

Similar to the Serato Remote for iPad, the Serato Remote Mini has library control, plus three performance tabs: PADS, SP6 & FX, all have been meticulously designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. 

The PADS performance tab gives you control of 4 Cue Points per deck, with a pop out loops panel for controlling Auto Loops and Loop Rolls.

We've kept it simple and focused on performance, with a play button for each slot, plus a global volume control and stop button. Trigger those airhorns straight from your phone!

The FX performance tab gives you an easier and more creative way of controlling Scratch Live or Serato DJ FX 
• Select your favorite FX and control them in latched or temp modes 
• Trigger Loop Rolls and FX simultaneously using the FX Roll Mode.

Control your Serato software library on your laptop with the Library controls. Navigate your tracks and TAB to your crates, files or folders. 
• Drag to Virtual Decks to load 
• Perform super fast Instant Doubles by dragging from deck-to-deck 
• Fast Scroll View with two-finger track load. 

Serato Remote Mini is designed to compliment an existing Scratch Live or Serato DJ setup, you will need: 
Scratch Live or Serato DJ supported hardware. 

The latest release of Scratch Live 2.5+ or Serato DJ 1.2.1+ 


For more information on the setup

For Technical Support with Serato Remote Mini

Check out the Serato Remote Mini pages for more details
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2.08 out of 5

60 ratings in United States

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Serato Dj

Dj Diego16 on

Fuera bueno que incluyan play and pause cue. I una libreria de musica para poder divertirse.

Horrible app

All Access DJ on

I paid the $5 and the app serves absolutely no purpose at all

Cue and play

Dj Diego16 on

Cue and play will be the best

We need an update

Quelleman on

This launched 4 years ago with very few features. The idea is super cool but there are some basic functions that cannot be done using this app. Praying Serato redoes this bc it could come in handy with the correct capabilities. As of right now not worth the download. Please please please revisit and update!! ~DJ Quelle

Uncontrollable scrolling

Djrichieras on

It works as expected given the limited screen size, however it is always scrolling down. Once I plug it out it stops, but once I plug it back in it starts scrolling down again. Verry annoying

Serato remote

Kidflazh on

Needs a refund on this

Really? Essential items missing

Sbshelby on

So to be honest this serves no point. I can’t see or change tracks, there’s no play and stop buttons. At the bare minimum we expect to be able to select a song from our library and play it. That would be worth it. The way it’s set up now is a 100% no.

Wasted Money

midasefx on

Same complaint as everyone else’s. Why no start/stop? Out of all the complaints about the lack of this feature I would like to at least see a response from Serato as to why. Please send my money back

No PLAY/PAUSE work around

CalebKent on

pretty upset by the inclusion of so many useless features and the lack of the necessities. not needed: fx tab, duplicated 1st cue on Lib and Pad tabs missing: play/pause, track names they could have at least made the Lib 1st cue a latch for play/pause from 1st cue. i’m working a wedding where i want the music to start in reception as we’re leaving the ceremony room. my work around is to set up a 1 bar loop before the first track and hot play. so it is looping silence during the whole ceremony. then when we start to leave the ceremony i use this app to turn the loop off which lets the playlist continue in Autoplay mode. this is worth $5 to me. i doubt it’s work the embarrassment and damage to reputation it’s done to Serato to have released it unfinished and not put the warning in the description but have so many users have to do it. i would not have ever thought that a DJ remote didn’t have Play/Pause. i feel foolish. Serato made me feel foolish. it’s not good business to make your clients feel foolish for trusting you.


Djmistaman246_bk718 on

I’m highly dissatisfied and would appreciate a refund for this useless app

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Serato Limited
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1.3 (6 years ago )
Released on
Dec 9, 2013 (10 years ago )
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4 days ago