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“This app is ingenious” – Cult of Mac

“Way too fun” – Geekazine

“Can’t stop laughing” – bOing bOing

“Simple to use and often hilarious… with great production value” – Appolicious/Yahoo

“Completely unique app… effortless to create… interesting and enjoyable” – Apple’N’Apps

“Has the potential for lots of hilarity and fun. May it live long and prosper.” –

“Shatoetry boldly goes where no app has gone before” – IGN & Mashable

“It will keep you amused and connected with your friends" – MacNewsWorld

“Shatoetry combines the addictive nature of magnet poetry with the convenience of a smart phone app… Playing alone is fun, but it could be a really cool party game, too. All of these qualities make the app well worth the price to download.” – Nerdist

“Once you download it you'll say to yourself, ‘Of course! This app is brilliant!’” – Crave Online

“Totally different than anything else you’ve ever seen.” – William Shatner


I am pleased to present to you my official app.

I created it to invite you to collaborate with me – through Shatoetry.

Shatoetry lets you arrange words to compose sentences, statements, phrases, messages… and hear me perform them for you.

That’s right: You author it, and I’ll recite it.

And what do we call that? A Shatism, of course.

You can save the Shatisms you create, send them to your friends by email, and share them through social media.

You can team up with other Shatoetists through GameCenter and co-create with your friends online. Or pass it around the room to take turns Shatoetizing with that person next to you.

Some people like to use it to compose poetry and haiku… but the more common and practical creations are simple sentences, phrases, word juxtapositions… even individual words sent in my voice as messages, comments, and communications to friends can be really fun.

You’ve heard my spoken-word performances. But until now, you’ve only ever heard what I wanted to say. This one-of-a-kind app makes it truly interactive for everyone. It’s a way for you to express your thoughts and your ideas, using my voice.

Now when you want to say something, with Shatoetry on your iPhone, I’m there to say it for you!

So give it a try. And happy Shatoetizing!

My best, Bill


*** If you'd like assistance, please email our support team at [email protected].

*** This app contains over 500 words, each with 3 different versions in delivery... so you can't say *everything* but you sure can say a lot of things! Additional wordpacks are available for purchase from within the app.
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4.45 out of 5

74 ratings in United States

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Not worth it

d-dub in tx on

Nor is it even useful. Too few words available and clunky to use. Can’t even find simple words like thank, you or please. Wish I had my 99 cents back.

Posting will cause threats of legal action

lostproductivity on

What arrogance. My channel is not monetized. Feel free to steal Christmas while you’re at it.

Fab idea/needs tweaking

LousLame on

Fun if you have time and patience. Some more basic words would be great. (Did I miss it when searching, or is there no “please?”) Good idea, hope they sharpen the user friendliness some day.

Can’t buy new words or restore

ClockParadoX on

Restore purchases doesn’t work now. Dev needs to look at this.


Vinsytun on

Love Bill, not fond of app. Need more ways to share. There’s always an error when connecting to Facebook, always.

Love Shatting Out the Poems

TheGreatMarrs on

This app is too much fun. Having my own poetry read by Mr William Shatner elevates my wordsmithing to a whole other level!

Great And Fun App!

docjj1 on

This is a great app. The only issue is the interface for selecting words. It is hard to compose something since so few words actually appear on screen at one time. Also it is hard to review the vocabulary to see what words are actually present to use for Shat compositions. I propose going to a second screen to display and select a larger number of words at one time to make sentences. Alternately, you could add voice input to select your words and give an alert whether the word is in the Shat dictionary.

The only fun app on my phone

Hoosier Man on

I have only utilitarian apps on my phone, except for this one fun app. It’s quirky and creative. Thanks, William! ☺️

Very fun!!

Fox Officer on

The musical buttons make everything funny

Hilarious and Weird - I Love It!

KimbaRose on

I don’t know how they got Williams Shatner to eat a dictionary and then regurgitate it with varying levels of intensity, but they did it and it’s hysterical. You can make beautiful, absurd, dis-jointed poetry with the lyrical sounds of Shatner’s voice, totally confusing and delighting your family and friends. Weird, fun, absurd - a great way to pass the time.

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