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Having trouble reading Japanese? Use SimpleFurigana - a fast and lightweight iPhone Application to add Ruby Characters (Furigana) to Japanese Text.

SimpleFurigana automatically annotates Chinese characters (kanji) in Japanese text with hiragana or romaji (latin characters). Both vertical (tategaki) and horizontal (yokogaki) layouts are supported. Annotated text can be printed or shared. No network connection is required for annotation.

Use the furigana app extension to add furigana to selected text in Safari as well as many other apps. You can even add furigana to entire webpages to help you navigate the web in Japanese.
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Almost perfect app for furigana!!!!

LLQ303 on

Thank you for creating such an amazing app that’s exactly what I’ve been expecting. A small feedback is below: It is unable to select a specific range of characters to manually alter their pronunciation. Such as: 愛しさ is being splitted up into 愛し(あいし) and さ mandatorily, while いとしさ should’ve been the correct furigana. Although we can change the furigana of 愛し into いとし, it just doesn’t look perfect. Hopefully this feature can be added, so we can work smoothly on such issue. Lastly, I love this app:) I really appreciate you so much for developing it but still keeping it use for free.

Word “library”

jimithay westbrook on

図書館"としょやかた", better 「としょかん」

It would only show the text o I’ve the kanji in English.

noahtrevor on

When I just downloaded this app, it was a link that I just opened on safari. Which took me too long to figure out how to delete it. Next when I started inputting some Kanji above it was the corresponding in English a not Japanese. And I realized that it didn’t show the right text for 何(Nani) instead it showed 何 as (nan).

Thank you for created this app

waruina on

It’s so nice to know this app, very useful for me to learning Japanese. But I’ve just found out an error after 2 minutes using. When I saw the yomigana of text “良い言葉”, it’s not “よういことば”, it’s “りょういことば”. Please fix it! One more time, thank you!

Wau apple thank

bShudeb on

Lovely furikana

This is too “simple”!

GoCBS on

It is too simple of Furigana app that it doesn’t read many of kanji in my texts correctly. And, it crushes too often and doesn’t have a way to edit either. Luckily it is free that I didn’t feel too bad about it.

Good but it closes out

Kirbeh n Prince Fluff on

Could you place more ads on this, to help keep it free. Because it keeps closing out. And add an ad free option.

Not what I expected

EdwardCun96 on

Thought this was for furigana in Safari on iOS. Appears to just be a translator with furigana

A great Furigana app!

Hide Morita on

I had been using a different Furigana app before this, however due to an update that unfortunately made that app worse, I decided to try this out. This does exactly what the other used to do, and more! The best feature is that any copied text is automatically pasted to be put into furigana. One feature I would like to see is the option to always have the app in Furigana mode, as it sometimes changes back to Kanji mode and I have to manually change it back. Overall a brilliant and simple app that makes reading Japanese very easy.

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