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Slate supercharges your mobile keyboard using AI.
- Write with generative AI and ChatGPT in any app
- Have a personal assistant that automates your life
- Type at the speed of thought with AI autocomplete

Load our keyboard extension by going to Settings -> General -> Keyboards.


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Doesn’t work.

MattDMc on

I have added the keyboard and chosen to give full access, however the keyboard doesn’t show up as an option when I hit the globe button on the keyboard. Checked this many times. Just doesn’t work.

Can’t wait for the next iterations

Rdgyjvczewjobcx on

I love this concept but it’s too buggy to use in its current iteration. I’m hoping the autocorrect and also the ease of figuring out how to incorporate this keyboard and its functions gets easier and I’m looking forward to following this company and updating this review.

Buggy and not very useful

GLAMd0lll on

The app is buggy. It responds to prompts on the same line without space in between your question and the prompt. It also isn’t that good at interpreting it’s previous response in the follow up question. Lastly, without autocorrect I find this keyboard unusable. I also don’t get how it’s free bc every response requires them to pay OpenAI.

Doesn’t do anything and has no autocorrect

notTom on

The app requires full access so it can read what was written with other keyboards, which makes sense as it has no autocorrect and so it seems to make a lot of errors happen when I type, even more so than the standard keyboard with autocorrect enabled due to some kind of lag. However, even after following the directions, trying by typing the prompt using both the standard and the AI keyboard, and tapping the brain icon to use ChatGPT, it doesn’t actually do anything. I did see a spinny icon in the top bar so maybe it was trying, but if the server was busy and that caused the failure is not clear. No error message or anything. Not communicating the issue to the user is a huge problem, as you can see by the other reviews. You would think the App that comes alongside the keyboard would be helpful, but you cannot even scroll to see the rest of the content. I think it may not be designed to show fully on the iPhone SE screen, and the developer didn’t think about that.


Booktossr on

Amazing concept! I asked some technical questions for work and it was spot on!!!

Doesnt work for me

jeremybearmy on

I see the call zeeno on my keyboard but nothing happens. Uninstalling


Kakdoisj on

Does not work at all. Tried on my iPhone what the directions say. Nope. I have the keyboard set up but “call Zeeno” button not a chance nothing happens

10/10 app

Magnus_987 on

extremely helpful & intuitive - 100% productivity boost!

Great idea but lots of improvement is needed

neways08 on

It great idea but lots of improvement is needed. AI doesn't understand basics. At this moment this app is kinda useless.

I like!

Gjiek on

Very useful.How is this’free’ tho? Do i need to sign into my ChatGPT+? Or are you paying for your API tokens for Zeeno users?

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Feb 4, 2023 (1 year ago )
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