Smartwatch Pro for Pebble
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Provides useful additional functionality with your Pebble watch including displaying upcoming calendar events, your Twitter timeline, step count and more.

"Best Technical Achievement" - Pebble Developer Retreat 2015


- Voice Control* (Twitter, Music, Reminders)
- Calendar events + alarms
- Twitter timeline + Voice Reply*, retweet and favorite
- Step counter (requires iPhone 5s or later)
- Reminders
- Location (address/coordinate, altitude, straight-line distance, speed)
- HTTP Requests + Status codes (GET/POST/…, for home automation etc.)
- Phone battery status
- Watch battery status
- Find My Phone

* Requires In-App Purchase and Pebble 2 or Pebble Time.

- Share sleep analysis data from Morpheuz ( with the Health app

Note: Smartwatch Pro requires a Pebble smartwatch and the Pebble iOS app (
Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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Voice Control


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17 ratings in United States

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The App isn’t install & work

mohammad2s on

After purchasing the app and installing, another app must be installed which has a problem, I request a refund.


mehhhh 7783!4!4$38: on

This app is still in the AppStore, even tho pebble isn’t. Please keep it online. I can find my phone using it, it works most of the time. I’m just happy it’s still up

Pebble smartwatches

worstdream on

Someone reinvent the Pebble Time 2! Rebble has resurrected Pebble from the “dead”, now finish this important product (Time 2) under Rebble. It was ready the 1st of 2017. Where is it now? Why won’t anyone stand up and reclaim it through Rebble?

Not replacement for Pebble app!

jmgant85 on

Since Fitbit bought Pebble, after I already bought my pebble time watch, the Support was let go quickly. I had restored my phone recently, and they no longer had the app available in the store. I had fallen in love with my pebble time, and was hoping this app would help me keep it going. I paid $4, and it does nothing that I can see. Don’t waste your money. This shouldn’t be on the App Store since it can’t do anything. I wish I could get a refund, and Fitbit would at least leave the app up for the products sold.

The app.

sorty. on

I am not sure why do you charge money for the app . It does not exist.

Needs a zero rating

wang dang on

Doesn’t work

1 star because I can’t give 0

gabbysdad on

This app is totally useless. Thanks for taking my $3.99 and doing nothing but connecting to a free app.

Depends on working pebble server. Do not buy.

Fearsome Unit on

Since the server has been down, I have not been able to reload watch faces onto my Pebble. I brought this pp thinking I could install watch faces from the app, but every time you try to do that in the works you to pebble server which is down. This was a total waste of money. There's no point in by mishap at this point with the pebble servers down.

Not worth it

cab914 on

Once you open it, there are quite a few Watch faces it offers. But most of them you have to purchase. It would be nice for maybe a 99 cent purchase but that's only because I like finding my phone with it, but really that's all it's capable of.

Kinda cool, but not worth money

Dude345673 on

Twitter feature, calendar and find my phone are all nice, but the step counter doesn't update correctly for me on the app. This app is pretty cool, but why do I need to pay money to get these basic features on a smartwatch?

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Max Baeumle
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1.7.1 (7 years ago )
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Aug 6, 2013 (10 years ago )
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