Spanish Phrasebook: Conversational Spanish
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Spanish phrases and vocab at your side! And with Audio!

Complete phrases with audio to help with pronunciation make this the perfect app to anyone visiting a Spanish speaking country or find themselves needing to communicate with Spanish speakers.

This app is also great for introductory and intermediate students of Spanish, at the high school or college level, who have a fundamental grasp of the language but would like to enhance their experience outside the classroom. Whether you're at a restaurant, on a train, or at an office - this is an easy way to learn important basics that will impress your friends, boss, and your teachers.

This app features over 800 words and phrases and over 28 different categories including:
Expressions of time
Questions stems
and much more!
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3.14 out of 5

7 ratings in United States

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The audio does not work!

ChiMe19 on

I just purchased this application for conversational Spanish. It seemed to have a decent set of phrases and across multiple topics. Unfortunately, when I opened it I found that the audio did not work! Don’t waste your money on this app!

Happy Customer

sorry4ever on

I purchased this app a long time ago. Then I had a problem with the app loading onto my device. I wrote about it in my last review, which was on January 11, 2014. Since then I have tried to reload the app on my iPad. I was successful and I am happy to say that after getting to know the app again I am glad that I got it back. The app itself does not take up very much space on my device, it contains lots of spanish words, it has Audio which is a big plus, and overall I am very happy with it. I haven't had to contact support, but it's good to know that there is a website for that. Lots of apps do not have websites. After so many years of purchasing apps, I have over 100 of them, I've learned that if an app does not have a legitimate website that affords you the ability to contact the developer, then maybe the app is not worth it. So far, so good. I am pleased with this app.

Complete waste of money

Composer123 on

There are about a million better and free ways to get the information that this app does not even provide (but advertises). Horribly organized; as if put together by Google Translate. Avoid.

Valuable tool

Sane Movie Fan on

I like this app and use it often to study parts of speech. It helps me relate what I know of English to what I want to learn in Spanish. It is a reference tool and nicely done.

Needs Work

MysticKnights on

User interface isn't very good. The first problem you can't hide the English answer when you practice.


Richmore15 on

Will there be a restaurant talk feature as is with the French version? Otherwise, great app so far!

Where's the sound? Here's the fix

Knuckledragger999 on

The pronunciations are vital for a beginner, but although they play, there is nothing to be heard! Just read the faqs and you have to have the mute switch off for this app to work. This is unlike other apps, strange. Useful app with good database of phrases.


Samitis123 on

A helpful tool when studying Spanish. It has a lot of useful phrases.

review of Spanish phrase book.

Charita21 on

The content is not extensive enough. The audio is good, but please add much more content.

Buyer Beware! NO SOUND!

HapHacker on

While I do have the new iOS - that is or should not be any excuse! They have my money & I don't have a talking Spanish Phrasebook - and I am leaving shortly! Boo hiss!

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