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Speed PRO is a GPS-based speedometer with Saved Routes and many other features.

** "Essential Apps: Speed Pro is a great, feature-loaded app." ~AppAdvice **

** Featured in Apple's New&Noteworthy list! **

- GPS & Activity Tracking (Step Count, Stairs Ascended, Stairs Descended)
- Track Database: iCloud or local
- Track Editing: Trim off the unwanted portions in your saved tracks
- 'Background Updates' location option allows your app to execute in the background
- Full-screen display of your Speed, Average Speed, Top Speed, Distance, Route Time, Altitude and Course
- Pause/Resume tracking by tapping Speedometer
- Auto Pause/Resume option keeps the app paused when you're stopped
- Auto Pause At option allows you to control the speed at which the app auto pauses&resumes
- Orientation Lock option
- Option to remove the fractions from the displayed speed
- Reset Confirmations option [Turn On if you want a confirmation sheet when you tap 'Reset']
- Navigate back to the camera with a Left or Right swipe
- Share Map&Speedometer snapshots on Facebook, Twitter, VK, Dropbox, Sina Weibo or via In-App Mail
- Share Current Route KML via In-App Mail, VK or Dropbox
- Altitude source option ["Device", "MapQuest", "USGS"]
- Portrait and Landscape orientation support
- Camera Background option: Turn on to show a live feed of your camera in the speedometer background
- Mirroring option for HUD on windshield
- Units option ["Miles", "Km"];
- GPS Accuracy option
- 'Background Updates' location option allows your app to execute in the background
- Built-in Color Themes
- Custom Theme lets you choose your speedometer colors with a color picker

- Take a Photo by Single Tapping anywhere
- Start/Stop Recording by Double Tapping anywhere
- Set Focus by Pressing&Holding 1 finger on desired point
- Set Exposure by Pressing&Holding 2 fingers on desired point
- Navigate back to the speedometer with a Left or Right swipe
- Your videos and photos are saved to your Saved Photos Album
- EXIF [Camera+Timestamp+GPS]

What's the difference between Speed PRO and Speed PRO +?

"SpeedPRO+" = "SpeedPRO for iPhone" + "SpeedPRO for iPad"

* Route Time = (Total Time minus the time paused) *

* Set the apps Location Accuracy option to "Best for Navigation" to get the best GPS readings possible (this setting also uses more of your battery). *

* Our device's usually receive no GPS readings indoors. Outdoor use is highly recommended! *

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life *

- Font by Allen R. Walden
- "MapQuest" Elevation Courtesy of MapQuest (www.mapquest.com)
- "USGS" elevation service (www.usgs.gov)

** Ratings, Reviews and Feedback emails are appreciated! **

** Watch videos of our Apps on www.mothertuckerllc.com! **

For more information or help with any problems, please email us at [email protected].
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Requires monitoring even when not in use

HMarko on

Why is monitoring all the time mandatory? How about the option of only when being used?


RacerSnake on

Extremely well designed app! Awesome features, so many that I only use about half so far. I have literally tried every single app including compasses, anybody who writes negative things about this is on a different planet! My WISH LIST to make even better: Have a VERY simple compass arrow w a North symbol that points your current direction, BIG enough to see while driving. Any other details could be small, because you can't take in all that much stuff while you're driving!

Annoying message on startup.

Frog Grigson on

There's no way to access speed data for any given point in a "track". Top and average are all you get. The KML file stores only a sequence of coordinates, no times. So the app is a joke: It does very close to nothing -- at best. Half the time it doesn't even capture any data at all. It says my commute this morning had a top speed of 0 mph and average speed of 0 mph. Furthermore, I don't need an idiotic welcome message hiding part of the app, just to tell me that I started the app up. I know I started it. It's right there on the screen (what pathetically little there is of it), except for the part hidden by the stupid welcome message. These scammers got my dollar but don't give them yours.

Anybody listening

chama463 on

Map crashes everytime now. Has not been updated since Oct 13. Another abandoned app?

Fix the map function!

Nookfan on

It crashes when you try to use it. Was the reason I bought it. Waste of money!


tyrailr on

cool app! works great!


Rick Graydon on

Update same as everyone else app opens and crashes.

Now it's Useless

NikonManForever on

After update it crashes & closes. I use this everyday. Now it's useless.

Please fix

Tidepride92 on

It worked great up till the new update now it won't do anything. All it does is crashes.


vahamb on

Crushing on lunch please fix

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German, Spanish
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Jul 10, 2011 (12 years ago )
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