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Split your big screen and use it properly.
Split Screen View it’s browser that lets you:
Watch video and chat at the same time or what you used to do while watching 100th video at 2 AM;
Watch interesting lectures and take notes on the second screen;
- Compare products from different markets on one screen without endless switching between tabs and trying to remember necessary characteristics;
- Read news and search unknown events
- Email, tweet, check, surf, shop, look, search, watch, enjoy everything on ONE SCREEN.

By the way, Family sharing for subscription - one subscription for all your family members!

- Subscription gives you full access to pro features: multi tabs, ads disabling etc.
- Subscription is auto-renewing. You can cancel it at any time in your App Store account settings.
- The length of subscription is 1 month. It has 3 free trial days. After trial days end your account will be charged for the subscription if you won't cancel it.
- Subscription will be automatically renewed within 24 hours to the end of the current period.
- Application can not make you subscribe without your permission: you can be subscribed only after inputing you account password or Face / Touch ID.

Read before subscribing:
Privacy Policy: http://toolsworkshop.ru/#/privacy
Terms of Service: http://toolsworkshop.ru/#/tos
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Multi Task Dual Premium
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718 ratings in United States

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Kaybird:) on

The message app should be available for free compared to half of the social media ones but other than that, great for IPhones!!

Pay to use only

>~<.>~<.>~<.>~< on

Ya know this should be included in the description, you have to pay to use this app. Very misleading.

Unable to use app

Isaacsac on

I got this app because I wanted to finally get split screen on my iPhone. When I open the app a message popped up tell me you have to pay for a subscription before I can continue. No thanks. I would like to use this app for free and have the subscription the optional.

Wont let me cancel the subscription!!

Richwho72 on

Wont let me cancel the subscription!! Also the app is terrible.

Split Screen

Thezeesknees on

Works well and is simple

2 problems need fixing add support for 1080P/2k/4K plz

Songfreak79 on

Not only can you change the resolution in the video but even when you change it to 720P you can’t watch a video it would be great to be able to watch them in a higher resolution and also it would be great if the video could just play higher then 360P when you change, it doesn’t play the video then and last but not least the second change you need to fix is why do you have to tap on each individual split part of the screen just to use that part of the screen you should be able to just use both at the same time on either the top or the bottom or in landscape, so you can use both sides at the same time plz fix thanx

Not what expected - Refund please

5/2020Ann on

This app doesn't allow you to use split screen with documents, etc. It's only links you can add to it. Not what I was looking for and want a refund.

Completely an intuitive and impossible a use

Bubbathehut on

Absolutely unable to change the pre-populated apps to things useful to me. How can it be so difficult to remove and add apps that’s what this is supposed to do?

Didn’t Work For Me

JNice8711 on

I have an Apple 13 Pro Max and although it split the screen, it wouldn’t let me access any apps or open them on the 2nd screen which is frustrating and defeats the purpose of why I even downloaded the app in the 1st place. I don’t like that you can’t add more apps to the screens to simply just tap and go. I had to search everything on the 2nd screen just to go to the app I needed and most of the time it wouldn’t even load.

Cool concept with fatal flaws

SpineDoc777 on

Neat concept. In essence this gives you 2x browser pages split on your screen. Just to get it out of the way you can’t split screen any other app. Worse the browser used isn’t the stock Safari one, meaning no bookmarks, no extensions, no Adblocker, sharing, etc and no way to toggle any of Safaris privacy protections. It’s so bad you can’t open YouTube inside the browser, no matter what I do it forces me to open the YouTube app. Finally the subscription is crazy overpriced. Come on $10 bucks/month? I would have considered the $21 full package one time only price in the app description, but it looks like this isn’t an option in the app. Improve the browser to be the same as the stock safari and give us a non subscription option, you may see many more sales.

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Yana Shestakova
English, Russian
Recent version
2.0.4 (4 months ago )
Released on
Apr 11, 2020 (3 years ago )
Last updated
1 week ago