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Start Player is the definitive method for choosing the start player for your next game!

Start player is NOT A GAME. It's a tool. A utility. Dare I say, an activity! It's fun! Never again will you need to wonder who should go first in your next game. Now you have Start Player! (Start Player also comes in handy for determining who should pick up that check at dinner.)

Start Player is based on a pack of cards with the same name created by Ted Alspach and featuring the characters from his award-winning Board2Pieces web comic.

Start Player has four unique ways of choosing your start player:

1. Card Start lets you determine the start player by drawing a random, virtual card that lists the zany criteria for choosing the start player. Want to choose the start player based on your street address or who bathed most recently? Then this is the choice for you!

2. Spin Start lets you spin the big wheel of fortune and have fate decide for you.

3. List Start is for the impatient among you. Dial in the number of players, hit the button, and just read the names off a randomly sorted list.

4. Finger Start is like Russian Roulette without all that pesky blood. Everybody puts their finger on the device, someone pushes a button, and "Hey! Presto!" we have a new Start Player!

Is it silly? Of course! Is it fun? Absolutely!
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I want to like it.

ToxicWildhog on

But there’s just too many lame “Start Player” prompts. The “whoever can name the most ___” are annoying and confusing. The worst one was “whoever is carrying the most physical cash”. There has to be a better app than this.

Useless piece of App

TJ_Moose on

I am sad to review this title as 1-Star. It should be Zero (0), as I had an immediate need when I bought it. #wasteofmoney #failedtolaunch #crashtohomescreen #iPhone4s #iOS7.0.3

Broken in iOS 8.1. Works with 8.4

Thor-oh on

The latest version won't display on an iPhone 5s on iOS 8.1. Updating to iOS 8.4 resolves the issue. It does not "crash" as the app, with odd new/bad font size is displayed in the multi task view. However trying to access the app does not work and the app "crashes" back to the main iPhone screen.

bad update

thomascantor on

Most recent update (August 2015) crashes to iPhone home on 4s.

Doesn't work anymore

Irrefutable85 on

Used to enjoy thus app.. Something happened though and it now crashes as soon as it opens.. Have tried reinstalling with no luck.

A fun way to start your game

Triplzero on

The new update is great. There are lots of options for picking starting player, player order, etc. We've been using this app for months in our board game group and have loved it.

Functional but impractical

SparkingConduit on

The app works like it says, but even at its low price, it feels like a waste of money. Some of the ideas in here are funny, but many of them have requirements that players might not be able to achieve, rendering them useless. For example, one about whoever has the most cars go first would only work if anyone in your gaming group owns a cat, which is not a given. Ultimately, though, the problem is you could do the same thing as this app by thinking up 54 of your own useless ways to pick a starting player. This app does nothing innovative or special.

Could be better...

Try it's! on

Was looking forward to using this app in my classroom! Love the graphics and the colorful animation but, am disappointed that the spin option only allows for 12 names and the list option only allows 21 names. Please consider both options to allow for at least 30 names.


Iago78 on

The card version of this game was always a hit, but this is better. There are enough meeples that I was able to customize one for every person in each of my gaming groups. Definitely worth a dollar, especially since the card version costs more and doesn't have the other features.

Great way to start a game

Ayrk on

This app is actually better than the start player deck because it adds more random (and fun) ways to pick the start player for a game. An excellent adaption of the cards and well worth the money.

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Steve Blanding
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Dec 1, 2010 (13 years ago )
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