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Guides. Socialize. Events. Signing up on Tempo takes less than 30 seconds. Tempo lets educators teach using short videos, allowing you to learn from your favorite creator. Tempo includes chat features with close friends or new friends with similar passions on Tempo. When life gets too hectic, find local events to either wound down or…turn up. Tempo is here to be your first Social Discovery app in which passions & people combine to keep you whole & well - not drained & dopamine-crazed.

Everything you need socially is within Tempo. It’s your life, and we are not here to distract you but help you find life at your best Tempo.

Seriously…Tempo is here to foster connections between like-minded individuals or seek new interests (or old ones).



Our star feature at Tempo. Anyone can become a creator, & anyone can learn something. Both can be exciting & rewarding to jump into on Tempo. It's just sometimes, you need a little push. That’s why Tempo Guides are a way for anyone to learn through short videos that creators can insert into their courses. We lowered the barrier, so that anyone can create for free, and anyone can learn from their favorite creator without the massive overhaul of 30-minute lessons. Instead, each video is 1 minute or less. Download to check it out on Tempo in the Explore page!


Our biggest mainstay at Tempo. We believe in doing chat well - securely, quickly, & cleverly. How can a chat be clever? Well, by bringing features that make chats good to mobile. Tempo has pin messages, discoverable/non-discoverable single/group chats, & our one-and-only billboard feature. Tempo’s billboard feature is especially convenient due to the option of posting events or photos within a chat to let anyone quickly view recent events. Furthermore, Tempo has the capacity of allowing creators to attach chats with certain Tempo Guides.


Our most anticipated feature on Tempo. We believe in giving the most interesting, specific event to you at the right time. Tempo takes account of your interests, past events, friend groups, and other passions when highlighting events for you on Tempo. With Tempo Events, you can look at different event types and meet like-minded people. Again, if you do not see an event on Tempo, host it! It is incredibly simple. Tempo users have the option to see how many people are attending or interested in going to that event. Lastly, any user on Tempo can join the group chat that is associated with the event (if allowed) for ease of community building.

Additionally, we ask everyone to follow Tempo’s community guidelines & protocols for mutual safety & benefit. Tempo takes people’s privacy, respect, and well-being seriously. Tempo is a safe, fun place for everyone.

Honestly, check Tempo out. It’s awesome. If you don’t like it, tell us! We are constantly improving. Call our number on the Tempo website or drop a mail to [email protected]

Catch you in Tempo!
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Big_Z:) on

I love it a lot! Amazing for group chats! I love the event page! And amazing design!

Very nice! 👍

BoratSagdiyev_04 on


Great for finding new clubs

Just Some Guy, Dude on

Allows me to find events around my school that I wouldn’t have heard about before.

Way better than GroupMe

SeniorCL on

Title ^ It shows me where the free food is on campus.

Exciting experience

Depressed melon on

While like many apps, this app is not without flaws, the updates that have been coming out frequently are very helpful. I also appreciate being able to make suggestions for how the app can be approved, to then see the update has made these improvements! I’m excited to see where this app goes.

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