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texxio is the ultimate app for converting your text into realistic handwriting. With our app, you can easily transform your texts and print them on various papers. You can add styles, like colored, underlined, or strike-through text, and choose from a wide variety of fonts. Create a PDF and share it with anyone you like!

With texxio, you can:
- Create personalized handwritten letters and notes
- Make your homework and assignments look more professional
- Save time by converting long texts into handwriting with just a few clicks

Key Features:
- Strike-through, underline, and font-color options
- Paper-color, paper-type (plain/lined/etc.), and font type options
- Final save to share/print
- Over 15 different fonts
- Over 9 different paper types
- Constant updates with new fonts and paper-types

Upgrade your text game with texxio, download now and make your texts stand out!
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10 coins
50 coins
Premium fonts
Premium papers


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Andreas Trautner
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0.4.1 (1 year ago )
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Jan 18, 2023 (1 year ago )
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4 weeks ago