That Level Again 4
New story again
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Puzzle platformer with surprising and unique challenges.

In the tradition of TLA, all puzzles have simple and logical (not always) solutions that you need to figure out. This time it's a big level that will surprise you with unexpected solutions and challenge your brain!


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4.7 out of 5

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So fun and entertaining

mushies queen lover on

I rlly like this game it’s really fun and challenging I love ur games please make TLA 5 !


Tae0418 on

So I first played this series when I was still a kid in online school... I revisited it as an adult and it's safe to say TLA4 is one of my favorite games of all time!! I just love everything about it,, the atmosphere is chilling, the puzzles are frustratingly clever, and there's a lot of secrets to find even outside of just the endings. I hope to be able to get others to play these games someday, cause I think everyone needs to experience them!! ^^

Super complicated

me me me 1133245 on

This is the coolest game ever and I used like 100 hints to win and I won simple #3 Infinity stars That’s what I rate it


_Fahaddd_ on


It’s a Great Game, But There’s a Huge Bug for XR

A big pokefan on

I’ve played all the games with all endings, and I think it’s an incredibly well-made game with a melancholy story. The reason I’m writing this review is because of an impassable bug during the ‘Tap Boom’ section. My screen’s resolution can’t load the door or most of the edges of the screen during the level, so it’s impossible to pass. If it could be addressed or removed or reworked somehow, I’d definitely 5-star it.

literally abouta cry

Profesorino on

why is the ending so impactful, like i did not need to start tearing up while flying on a plane

Resolution issues

johnkennyr on

I’m stuck on “tap boom” in stage 2 because the pink door is outside my screen’s width.


Big Max 1 on

stage 1 ended up extremely annoying with all the nonsense at the end. deleted it

Unable to progress

punkytiki on

Like other reviewers, I’m unable to move past stage 2 & the stupid test game. Guess my phone screen isn’t big enough, and I have an iphone 11. NBD though. I was gonna delete it anyway. TLA 3 was ridiculous enough, but this one is even worse. The first 2 were so great. It’s a shame it turned into this.

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Nurkhametov Tagir
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Jan 7, 2019 (5 years ago )
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