The Magical Typewriter
Witches and Wizards adventure
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A unique open-world wizard simulator with magic, spells, ​and adventure!

The world of The Magical Typewriter is a rich, vibrant, and beautiful place full of adventure and things to do. Many different objects in the world can interact in interesting ways. You can cast different spells with a magic wand, fly with your broomstick, brew magic potions and write with the magical typewriter to earn coins.

In the game story, you are a young wizard or a witch who lives inside a huge magical castle with others. As you meet different characters and discover new places you soon learn that something very dark is happening. A lot of young wizards and witches have recently gone missing and nobody knows where! Your adventure takes exciting turns as you find out what has happened and as you try to stop the evil forces that are rising from the depths of Grim Mountains.

Start your adventure in the magical world now!

• Move around freely wherever you want
• Hours of gameplay
• Get your own pet owl
• Customize your character
• Use a magic wand to cast spells
• Brew magic potions and use them
• Explore the magical world inside and outside
• Play with players worldwide
• Read and write in the guestbook
• Meet characters and creatures like goblins, trolls, and dragons
• Fly on broomstick
• Morph yourself into a cat
• Type with the magical typewriter for coins and glory
• Solve puzzles
• Play piano, chess and much more!
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Ice spell
Golem Spell
10 000 coins
Impact spell
Ice Ring Spell
Fire Ring Spell
Levitation spell
Fire Dragon Spell
Fire Phoenix Spell
Remove ads (doors)


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4.18 out of 5

300 ratings in United States

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Really entertaining

rpixley14 on

I just finished the game again but it says to wait for the update. I really enjoy this game and I am looking forward to hurry up and get an update please soon !!!!

Pretty good app

cece1143 on

This was my favorite app but i have been waiting for 2 years now for the new update!!!

Wait for a update!

1215790099876665543222134678 on

Ok not going to lie I’m very very very annoyed; it said in 2022 it’s coming out this year NOPE but other than that it was going to be 5 stars it’s a awesome game

Very Underrated

MidnightShadow265 on

I have been playing this game since around 2015-16, can’t remember which one. I fell in love with it then, and still hold onto it tightly today. It saddens me to see how little recognition this game gets, but I really hope the creators know how appreciated their work goes. Yes, waiting for the story updates is a testing trial, but in the meantime, I think just the entire environment and mood that’s been created in the castle and surrounding grounds is a homey, comforting atmosphere to enjoy on its own. Much love to the creators ❤️

Great game - waiting 4 update

BaDoNkAdOnKk on

I love this game a lot, there’s always something to do and a new mystery to unveil. Only downside is the update - It’s taken a really long time for the game to update, well over a year. However, there have been some bug fixes and technical improvements recently, so hopefully that means the update is coming soon!! Definitely worth downloading!!!

Beautiful Graphics w/Great Gameplay

tinalee59 on

I have just started this game and am enjoying it, but the scroll challenge should not be “all or nothing”. I took alot of time late at night getting 3 out of the 4 scrolls, got tired and quit the game thinking when I came back I would have to only find 1 scroll, but now have to go back and get all 4 in a single shot. That should be changed. It’s very discouraging. I would have given 5 stars if it saved our progress. The player needs to feel rewarded for their efforts. Otherwise, they are going to give up and leave the game for good.


(Bailey Jo ) on

I got basically all the spells! It’s the best game ever!


gabygos29 on

I purchased 10,000 coins and the snowy owl food and didn’t receive anything! I closed the app multiple times but it doesn’t work. I want my money back!

Really good……..

Severus snapee on


This game stole my money!

iviestoner on

I purchased 2 things on this game, the remove ads + 10000 coins and the +25000 coins. They did not get added to my game and I just had money stolen from me from your game. I tried pressing the restore purchases button and it is not working. This is uncalled for and I deserve to get my money back for something that didn’t even work. Ridiculous!

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Juhani Paaso
Korean, German, Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese, Catalan, French
Recent version
1.41.7 (1 year ago )
Released on
Jul 6, 2014 (9 years ago )
Last updated
3 weeks ago