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WiseTalk AI Assistant: Engaging AI Conversations, Effortlessly Nearly Hands-Free, and much more!

Discover the future of AI interactions with WiseTalk—an advanced app that merges state-of-the-art Large Language Model AI with speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies. This combination delivers an unmatched and organic conversational experience. With our unique embedded roles, gain distinctive benefits: the Voice Translator facilitates seamless communication between speakers of different languages, while the Proofreader ensures every word and sentence you craft is flawless. Furthermore, our integrated Proofreading AI Keyboard allows for effortless corrections in any app, eliminating the need for copy-pasting.

Key Features:

1. Voice-Based AI Interactions: WiseTalk harnesses speech-to-text and text-to-speech engines to facilitate intuitive, voice-driven conversations with an advanced AI language model.
2. Real-Time Assistance: Obtain real-time advice, information, and support across a wide array of topics, making AI wisdom accessible wherever you are.
3. Local Speech Processing: Talkwise prioritizes user privacy and convenience, performing speech recognition and synthesis directly on your device—no need to send voice data to the cloud.
4. Reliable Connectivity: Designed for optimal performance in areas with poor internet connections, WiseTalk exchanges text-only data to ensure a smooth user experience.
5. Multilingual Support: WiseTalk embraces a global audience with its ability to recognize and synthesize any language supported by your device.
6. Customizable AI Roles: Tailor the AI's response style to your needs, from simple explanations by an elementary school teacher to in-depth analyses by a college professor.
7. Token-Based Access: Enjoy an initial 10K tokens for free, and refill your balance with affordable token packages. Get even more value with our subscription service, doubling your tokens and providing access to conversation history, and more.
8. Conversation History: Search for specific conversations with the AI Assistant by searching for keywords and phrases. Pick up right where you left off: Select any conversation from the history and continue chatting with the AI from that exact point.
9. Voice Translator: This advanced Role enables users to utilize the assistant for real-time translation between languages, making it easy to communicate with people around the world in their native languages. The Voice Translator is reminiscent of the Babel Fish from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Both serve as universal translators, enabling seamless communication between individuals speaking different languages, thus breaking down language barriers and fostering better understanding between people around the world.
10. Proofreader: This advanced Role provides users with corrections and improvements to texts dictated or typed in any language.
11. WiseTalk AI Keyboard: An integrated custom keyboard that eliminates the need for continuous copy/pasting when proofreading. Now, make corrections directly within Messengers, Messages, Slack, or any other app with text input.

Experience the future of AI-driven conversations with WiseTalk, and unlock the full potential of voice-based interactions on your Apple device. 
Download WiseTalk today and join the AI revolution.
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Small Word Tokens Pack - 40K
Large Word Tokens Pack - 500K
Medium Word Tokens Pack - 200K


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Russian, Hebrew (modern), German, Japanese, French, Ukrainian, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean
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1.9.1 (2 months ago )
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May 3, 2023 (1 year ago )
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