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The Wolfram Investment Calculator Reference App is designed for finance professionals and consumers alike, with simple and advanced investment calculations. From stocks and bonds to options and hedging, the app computes everything you want to know about investments.

- Use the simple investment calculator to examine different investment scenarios, computing ending values, accumulation periods, and ongoing yearly investments
- Evaluate different portfolio styles using the simple investment calculator, including growth, conservative, balanced, and others
- Plan for retirement with the investment planning calculator
- Research stocks and mutual funds by company name or stock ticker
- Study compound interest with in-depth calculations, including present and future value, real rate of return, and return on investment
- Perform bond calculations using the clean or dirty prices to determine price, yield to maturity, redemption value, and more
- Evaluate simple and exotic options, such as vanilla, covered, and lookback options
- Solve complex hedging calculations, including stock and commodity hedging, minimum variance hedge ratio, and hedge effectiveness

The following currencies are supported: US dollars, British pounds, euros, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Swiss francs, and Russian rubles.

The Wolfram Investment Calculator Reference App is powered by the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine and is created by Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica—the world's leading software system for mathematical research and education.

The Wolfram Investment Calculator Reference App draws on the computational power of Wolfram|Alpha's supercomputers over a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection.
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Shockingly bad

Perspicacious on

It needs the Internet to work. A paid app doing simple calculations needs to be online. That's bad enough, but it often has server errors. When it does connect it can't produce a result. Seriously, I put in simple, reasonable values and it can't display the result. It just defaults to some useless information about one of the values I entered. This is shameful for a company that's entire business is math.

Waste of money

Xtdr on

Used it once, then it crashed so I deleted it. Every time I asked for interest info, it says Oppps can't compute. An all you enter are two dollar amounts. If you want to do something smart with your money, don't buy this app.

Bummer Ap

Countyfan101 on

Very confusing. Does not provide basic interest info. Always says "cannot compute" An unfortunate waste of time for me.

Could be better

iceberg@mac on

Very promising app. But I want to point out a few things 1. The app hangs for a few seconds when it starts. Very annoying . 2. Wish it had several corporate finance functions like wacc calculation, asset beta calc. Etc. 3. Please remove the ads aNd recommended soft things at the bottom of the app.

Very cool

S1D2 on

Very cool. It rides on top of their server so takes a little while to load on iPod - initially I thought app was buggy cause I wasn't aware (didn't read the info) thoroughly


AlphaBravo2 on

Just need more info on style assumptions and voice on 4S. Can you remove ads we paid not to get such occupation of previous screen space? Note: correlation matrix throws up odd peer group

It's ok

Etbetweenn on

Need clearer understanding. And examples

Great Potential - Weak Support

Wishfull Customer on

Pros: Quickly produces complex analysis of investment strategies with outcomes as graphs Great potential as a learning tool and analysis tool. Cons: No explinations of the analysis produced. Clicking the support link in iTunes goes to a Wolfram web page of other products for sale. But no help. Clicking the support tab on the web page goes to a feature page for the app. But no help. Suggestion: Make the financial terms clickable links to an explination of what they are and how to use them. About Me: Some financial analysis and investing knowledge and experience. Using iPhone 4s


EonBlue80 on

User interface is extremely well designed. Very helpful app for simple and complex investment calculations.

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Nov 10, 2011 (12 years ago )
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