Cigarette Counter - How much do you smoke?
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This app lets you count the cigarettes you have smoked. It will chart your cigarette consumption and calculate a lot of interesting statistics. It will not make you quit smoking but knowing how much you really smoke is an important step of the goal to quit smoking.

Press the plus button to add a cigarette. Just in case you accidentally pressed the plus button a minus button will appear you can undo the count by pressing it.

Cigarette Counter is also available for Apple Watch.
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4.64 out of 5

66 ratings in United States

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It helps

Jelly55tyuio on

Been smoking for 20 plus years. Since I’ve used this app, my cigs per day has dropped a great deal. It holds me accountable.


angntaji on

Finally an app with cool stats, to help me track my smoking progress. And it’s so easy to use. Thank you!

Achievements won’t open; support ticket won’t send.

Emmyg1979 on

Achievements won’t open, even bought the upgraded version... could’ve been a good app but now it’s just a waste of money.

Great app

Zoro3979 on

Needed to update to support iPhone X please

Love app before iOS Update- buggy Apple Watch app

rfarwell5 on

Before the recent iOS update, this app )by its nature) was my most used app, as it’s beautifully designed, simple to use, integrated with HealthKit, and best of all, helps my monitor my cigarette consumption. But, the app hasn’t been updated in a year, and now it’s quite buggy- especially the Apple Watch app, which never seems to be in sync with the iPhone app. I really hope the developer releases an update soon to address these issues. If they do, I’d happy change my rating to 5 stars.

Great cigarette tracker for us absent minded smokers

tuesdayXXIII on

Does a great job tracking long term, but i would like to see a graph of when i smoked my cigarettes. the info is kinda hidden you have to tap that day and it give you the tines but i’d really appreciate more in depth analysis daily statistic. I’m trying to quit so this would help me more easily identify triggers.

Like this app a lot

numari on

Would be a useful addition to add some history to the Apple Watch, especially time since last cigarette.

Good motivation

Charliejhaywood on

It really helps to have an app to mark each cig and how often. Awesome how awareness helps!

Excellent App, 2 Requests

Jock_Itch on

I've found this to be the best, frills free, useful app for this purpose and used it for years. The addition of Apple Watch support is absolutely a feature worth spending a buck for. I have 2 longstanding requests that would give this app 5 stars: 1. The ability to add a note to each day, that can give an explanation for a "heavy" day or insight into a "light" day. 2. Syncing across mulitple devices. The developer says implementing #2 would require iCloud support, which on principal is something he doesn't want to do, because of user privacy concerns. I don't know the specifics, but I understand and appreciate the concern. Nonetheless, it would make this app more useful for me.

Need iCloud sync, Widget and Watch Complications

lanwarrior on

Per the subject, it will be MUCH easier to GLANCE how much I've smoked from my Watch and iPhone. Right now I have to open the app every time I want to add a number. Finally, the app is available for both iPhone and iPad, but the data did not sync. So now I have 2 different data.

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digitalsirup GmbH
German, English
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1.3 (7 years ago )
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Jun 27, 2015 (8 years ago )
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