3D Sailing Compass
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The 3D compass (or half-sphere compass/nautical compass) is just like what you find on a beautiful yacht or airplane.

Unlike other compasses you can view it in any orientation, not just when it lays flat. With this stunning app pretend you are sailing the high seas or flying high above the alps to find your direction. Take a look at the screen shots to see what it looks like from above or holding straight up.

Keywords: compass , boat compass , ball compass , dome compass, half-sphere compass, airplane compass
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Not great

jmkhello on

Movement is stuttery and jumpy


beagleman2009 on

Still works on ios11 works great a keeper get this app

Not bad

Dent De Leon on

But the compass moves in a jittery fashion, rather than smoothly on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5. Good looking display. 5 stars if the jitters are fixed. If you are looking for a 3D gimbal compass, try Marine Compass.


Neil Massoud on

Would not buy this difficult to use

Update for Retina Display

TBluntz on

Needs Retina display and gyro support for iPhone4.

Bad update

christophelus on

Crashes with new update when trying to change skin.

Not Bad but Name to Long

azuwhr on

Needs more, maybe different colors to choose from or background options. Also if the developer could fix the icon so it can say a word instead of 2 half words. Nice start on it I just hope to see more. Ideas - Compass - N Compass - Nautical - NCA ( A for app) - skins or colors - make the icon background black so all you see is the compass as the icon

Nice look, though no more functional than the stock iPhone compass (maybe less).

YankeeCharlie on

As a sailor, I appreciate the appearance of this compass interface -- graphically, it's well-executed, and it has a more intuitive look when you're holding the iPhone vertically. But bear in mind that all you get with this app is a different look. Horizontal or vertical, it gives you exactly the same the compass reading you'll get the from the compass app that was included with the iPhone -- and the stock compass also gives you handy digital bearing readout (which this one doesn't).

Don't Get Too Excited...

Minder338 on

Unless you have a 3G iPhone, as your purchase and download will work fine, but the app is only campatable with the newest iPhone.

Fun app

Miked205 on

It's worth it in my opinion

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