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AnkiMobile is a mobile companion to Anki, a powerful, intelligent flashcard program that is free, multi-platform, and open-source. Sales of this app support the development of both the computer and mobile version, which is why the app is priced as a computer application.

AnkiMobile was written by the lead developer of Anki and AnkiWeb, and it has been around since 2010. Beware other apps using "Anki" in their name that have sprung up recently - they are not compatible with the rest of the Anki ecosystem, and they offer far fewer features, despite charging expensive subscriptions.

Some of AnkiMobile's features include:

- A free cloud synchronization service that lets you keep your card content synchronized across multiple mobile and computer devices. This makes it easy to add content on a computer and then study it on your mobile, easily keep your study progress current between an iPhone and iPad, and so on.
- The same SM2 and FSRS scheduling algorithms that the computer version of Anki uses, which remind you of material as you're about to forget it.
- A flexible interface designed for smooth and efficient study. You can set up AnkiMobile to perform different actions when you tap or swipe on various parts of the screen, and control which actions appear on the tool buttons.
- Comprehensive graphs and statistics about your studies.
- Support for large card decks - even 100,000+ cards.
- If your cards use images or audio clips, the media is stored on your device, so you can study without an internet connection.
- A powerful search facility that allows you to find cards that match criteria such as 'tagged high priority, answered in the last ten days and not containing the following words', and automatically place them into a deck to study.
- Support for displaying mathematical equations with MathJax, and rendering LaTeX created with the computer version.
- Support for adding images drawn with the Apple Pencil to your cards.

Please note that AnkiMobile is currently intended as a companion to the computer version of Anki, rather than a complete replacement for it. While AnkiMobile is able to display and schedule your cards in the same way the computer version does, certain changes like modifying note types need to be done with the computer software. Add-ons are not supported, so while you can study image occlusion cards created with the computer version, they can not be created within AnkiMobile. For this reason, please start with the computer version of Anki before you think about buying this app.

The cloud synchronization service is optional, and data can also be imported/exported from the app via a USB cable or AirDrop.

Like all apps, AnkiMobile can be purchased once and then used on multiple devices in a household using the same Apple ID. Family sharing is also supported (apart from in India). For information on bulk discounts for educational institutions, please see Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

For more information on AnkiMobile, including a link to the online manual, please have a look at the support page: If you have any questions or want to report an issue, please let us know on our support site and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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1,677 ratings in United States

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Overrated app, not user friendly

seyahatnama on

So far, it seems like using this app introduces you to a cult-like experience where you have to learn strange jargon in order to be able to do the most basic tasks. Most egregiously, there is no way to simply open a flashcard deck again after you’ve hit the app’s arbitrary limits. For $25, and a lot of hype, this bizarre user experience is not worth it. They should rearchitect this again from first principles. It’s stunning that this is the most famous flashcard app in the app store. It may have some good features, but it’s a high level of effort, quite unlike most modern software.

Pricey, but worth it!

Loucor57 on

I use this app multiple times in one day. I like the fact that it gives me freedom do my cards without an internet connection. Must have IMO!

Spectacular app

Spen511 on

Being able to do Anki on my iPad is such an amazing feature. Only problem I have is that the images I paste into the notes section of my cards when I make them on my computer are too big to display the same way on the iPad (two images that fit side by side on the computer version won’t on the iPad and one will be below so I have to scroll to see it). Seems to be an issue with the images being sized by pixels and the iPad screen just can’t fit as many pixels as my computer. Would be nice if there was some sort of resizing option for the iPad version so the images could automatically scale down for the screen and display how they do when I make them on the computer.


VvvvIsland on

我的卡片,每一张都会调用网页的发音,每个单词卡片都会调用网站上面的音频,然而我的键盘magic keyboard 在每个卡片的正面和反面正在调用卡片外网页的音频时就会失效,按spece键想快速跳过这个卡片都不可以,整个键盘都会失效,等音频播放完才会恢复

Amazing - Medical Student

Jacob S.1231 on

Couldn’t have gotten into medical school without this app.

Well worth it

mike69420mike on

Very powerful and useful app once you learn how to use it

Works fantastically

Darkis99 on

Been using Anki for 3 years and I finally got the mobile version. I don’t regret it :)

Does as intended

5 star for more songs on

Well done, read the other reviews that said they weren't syncing. It does sync between pc and phone. You're also able to have two accounts on the same device.

Anki has changed my life

meivera100mrivera on

I am a PhD student/soon-to-be professor, and Anki has changed my life.

This is the Real Anki, Avoid Copycats

ArsenicLobster on

There are a few other programs on the Apple Store that claim to be Anki’s. They are all imposters. Don’t be fooled by these jokers. I can’t believe the Apple Store tolerates these frauds on their service. I’ve tried a couple of the fake Anki’s and they don’t hold a candle to the Original. So many more features, add-on’s, plug-ins, etc. The Real Anki has excellent customer support. Is it worth $25? Every penny of it. I feel good supporting this wonderful educational resource. Through the years I have used Anki in difficult subjects like Anatomy and Microbiology and my grades were top of the class. This program is so versatile. I’ve never had any issues with it.

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