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Boxing Timer is an application designed for your boxing training, sparring and workouts. Boxing Timer gives you a fully configurable round timer on your iPhone™ and iPod® touch.

The application can also be used for other sports and training, such as Mixed Martial Arts, Grappling, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Wrestling and any other sports requiring timed rounds.

The application counts each round for you and uses a classic digital display for time. Boxing Timer is designed to alert you of the current period at all times. Your iPhone or iPod touch can be rotated to provide an extra large time display. Bells signal the start and end of each round and also a warning period.

Boxing Timer has the following features:

• Configurable time periods for the preparation, round, warning period, and rest period
• Coloured backgrounds signifying the particular stage of the round
• Round counter
• Bell sounds are configurable to indicate the start and end of rounds and the warning period
• Vibration (iPhone only) to indicate the start and end of rounds and the warning period
• Sounds effects and/or vibration (iPhone only) may be turned off
• Extra large landscape display
• Classic digital time display
• Auto-lock can be disabled to prevent screen locking during rounds
• Tap anywhere on the screen to start/pause
• Timer position can be saved when application is exited
• Runs in the background on devices that support multitasking

Note: If your rounds are being interrupted by your device's Auto-Lock feature, then please switch "Auto-Lock" to off in your Boxing Timer's Options screen.
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Thank you developer

vector4insanity on

When you get an app, you never know how long the developer will stick around to support it. I’ve had this app for years. It’s a simple app, but sometimes that’s all you need. To the developer, thank you for your continued presence. The dark mode looks great!

Need To Add Sticks

RickyMD1181 on

They need to add sticks as a sound for true boxing timer.

Battle proven

Ampstertango on

I’ve been using this for years now for kickboxing, boxing, circuit, and interval training. It works well for me (and my Sparring partners). Just make sure you have you phone and this app updated.

Started ok, but useless now

Microjedi on

I've owned this for a while and have had some success with it. It gets 2 stars because I like that it is very customizable. I have been using it to run intervals recently and it has been arbitrarily turning off as I have paused it in the middle of a round. Sometimes during the first round. Sometime during any other one. I know it's not me because it always stops when there is some version of 57 seconds (1:57, 3:57, etc). It happens during the round or rest. When I'm running and can't watch the timer, this wrecks the workout. I just deleted it. I reached out to the developer through the app and received no response. Time to find a new one.

Great Customizable App!!

Tarrie Jo on

I can't believe there are no reviews for this app. I've been using it going on almost 4 years now I believe. I use it of course for boxing, but also Tabata workouts and every other workout that involves intervals. I have not had one single issue with this app and I refuse to look at any others. This is the ONLY one you need!

Almost perfect but for glitch and minor issue

demarcate on

Been using this timer for about a year and it's almost perfect. I box three times a week and programmed shadowboxing, bag work, & cooldown timer routines and love that you can easily switch to whatever you need. Visual of countdown couldn't be bigger or brighter, bells are loud and clear. Two complaints, 1) the update says it fixes this glitch but it doesn't; every time you use a custom timer it duplicates that timer so you always have to scroll through and periodically delete all the dupes; and 2) switching between custom workouts involves jumping 2 screens, and you can't tell what timer you're on by looking at time clock. But these issues are manageable and otherwise a great app.

Awesome app!

LK9999 on

I love this timer!!!! It's so user friendly and so customizable. It's especially great for when I'm by myself. You can touch anywhere on the screen to start or stop and it works with my elbow! So even though my gloves are on I can continue to control it. I love that you can block the phone from locking and play your music in the background. So happy with this purchase!

Boxing Timer KO's the other timers

Vsgoliath on

I downloaded different timers and I've got to say that this one beats the others hands down. Here's why: 1) A very easy set up process 2) Solid pre-set times 3) A very easy to see count down timer 4) A solid collection of sounds Definitely worth the $1.99

So far, so good!

olefrijole on

Having the ability to play my workout music or podcasts and have the timer running in the background on one device is awesome. Cuts down on the amount of gear taken to the gym. If it were up to me, I would tweak it to add an adjustable warning to the end-of-rest-period marker.


Eightycoin on

I had a stand alone boxing timer and find this far superior. Easy to use and workout cycles can be saved for next time. I also really like that the sounds can be changed with a choice of bells, horn, multiple others.

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