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Scooter Connection: The scooter connects with the mobile app through Bluetooth pairing, The Bluetooth connection status is displayed on the home screen.
Password Setup: When user forgets the password, it can be recovered by email/cellphone number. There will be a verification code following the password reset method.
Controls: The app can control the gear level, light switch, scooter self-check, atmosphere light switch, start mode selection, cruise function, and other smart functions.
Error Report: When scooter fails, the app can display the failure fault, as well as the recommended procedure for the fault.
Display: Display the remaining battery power, cruising range, current speed, current total mileage, scooter lock and unlock etc.

Driver moving data
Display the ranking of all drivers’ mileages, specified by the time (Day/Week/Year)
Display scooter’s moving data
Display daily summary data

Customer Service
Solutions for all global customers
(888)-780-1685(10am-4pm pst Mon-Fri)
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1.98 out of 5

52 ratings in United States

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Great but needs to be upgraded with speed

lbkg ig go hovocoot on

I just got the scooter and it’s great it rides well and does what it’s supposed to it’s just I can feel that it can go faster than 15 mph especially with the 25 mile range

App doesn’t log me in

BenTheBean18 on

When ever I try to log in it says “Too many messages sent try again in 30 minutes” and when I do it does that same thing again and again

Poorly designed app


This app will not let me to login to my account no matter what I do. It keeps telling me to wait for 30 minutes to try again. I might return the scooters because of that.

Not able to login. With same error in the loop.

Ali Raza Afzal on

After registering and confirming my email. I am not able to login. Getting same error message.

App registration

DDB03.3082 on

This is the most annoying app to get started on, 30 min note flashes quickly… so stupid.



I’m trying to set up the scooter and it keeps on saying I’ve sent too many messages and tells me to come back in 30 minutes. I come back in 30 minutes and says the exact same thing.

Are you kidding me

BPlayzMusicYT on

I can’t even sign into the app because of the stupidest reasons. “No numbers with more than 6 characters” or “too many message requests”. Are you kidding me. I hate this system. Fix it please

Cant connect

Shqual on

Several of us got the scooter for Christmas. None of us can connect to app. 1 star until this is resolved.

Fix your app!

hshshshxhs on

I just got this scooter and I’m already having problems the app won’t let me register no matter the device I try and it tells me to “wait 30 minutes because I’ve sent messages to often” I’ve been waiting for more than 5 hours and no matter what I do it keeps giving me this response not allowing me to register and do anything that comes with my scooter other than ride it

“Messages Sent Too Often Error”

Cyberpunk23 on

The app legit won’t let me log in and when I try I get this error and it says try again in 30 minutes.

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English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish
Recent version
1.0.7 (5 months ago )
Released on
Oct 23, 2022 (1 year ago )
Last updated
1 week ago