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*** This version of iCompta will not evolve anymore : check iCompta 6 to get the most recent version ***

iCompta is an application that lets you manage your personal accounts with ease. Keep track of your income and expense, schedule your bills, stay in line with your budget and finally know where all your money goes thanks to beautiful charts.

- Manage multiple accounts and organize them into groups
- Multiple currencies
- Keep track of your income and expense thanks to budgets
- Manage shared expenses : you can finally know who owes what to who
- Beautiful charts
- Transfers
- Download your transactions from your bank in just one click if your bank supports OFX direct download or with just a few more clicks using the embedded browser
- Easy import / export of transactions in QIF, OFX or CSV formats
- Full synchronization between iCompta 4 Mac and iCompta 2 iPhone / iPad
- Password encryption

iCompta is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Greek.
Support is available in English and French.
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Sangai111 on

The mistake was mine. I can register on their support site And the support is prompt. I had no hope anyone would respond . They did! Promptly and not some automated reply. A real like person replied back . The software now connects via ofx to my bank .. The trick is the app version which probably changed end of December the banks doing. Anyway it's all good . I have one req: would it be possible to expand out the tax. Descriptions a bit more ? Every time I xfer from my various saving accts it just says from savings with no other indicator...


OliverSouthwood on

I just bought v2 and now they are charging me for an upgrade. Bad form. I'll be switching.

Stupid update reminder

Bill Montá on

New update frequently appears forcing you to update and they are not respecting your Option to do now show it again... Stupid and make the software unfriendly.

Stop forcing people to buy your new version

hscchang on

Ever since iCompta 3 came out, whenever I open iCompta 2, a screen pops out asking if I want to upgrade to the new version. You know what, I actually spent the money to buy iCompta 3 on my iPhone, but find it to be too cumbersome. I already bought the iCompta 2 mac and ios versions, so I'm not going to spend another $20 to get the iCompta 3 mac version especially since I don't like it's ios version. I have also deleted the iCompta 3 ios version since the platform is too time-consuming. The pop-up screen from iCompta 2 supposedly gives you an option to Not show the upgrade pop-up screen again, but it doesn't matter how many times I click on 'Do not display again', the stupid upgrade pop-up screen still pops-up every time I open the iCompta 2 app. Have some moral values and stop pestering your loyal customers to upgrade to something that's expensive and useless. Otherwise, you will lose all of your customers!


Lessthnone on

You're better off just getting a free app. Or try the free one of first. I didn't like this app at all.


kevinchen on

Love this app , wish iCompta could have iCloud sync ...

was a great start, now it got too old.

Steve1601 on

I was looking for an app that replaces my Quicken. iCompta is NOT it. it was a good app when it was released, but the updates come too sparsely and not it's ancient. It is not possible to track 401K investments, Paycheck distribution doesn't work and all you get from the developer in the forums is "This will be available in version 3.0, but nobody knows when (if) this version will actually exist. I have completely switched my financial application to iBank for MAC and it's sync to iPad. Much better.

Need to be advanced :)

AlexeyAleynikov on

Please make the additional parameter for transactions - Projects. And report of projects will need to be shown. And management of categories needs to be better. Thanks.

The best

Kakusso on

Very flexible and powerfull. Plz add the functionality in a transaction inside categories to edit the values not only percentages.

It's ok but I wouldn't purchase again

PPT pointless on

There is no good help with this app, and when I download my bank stmt I have to do it twice before it will save. I haven't looked in detail but the download doesn't look like it's displaying the right balances.

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Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Greek (modern), English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese
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2.2.21 (9 years ago )
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Dec 2, 2008 (15 years ago )
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