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Kanji lookup - simple, fast, and hassle-free!

This App is not a dictionary or an exhaustive Kanji reference - and nor does it strive to be! Instead, it focusses on - and attempts to excel at - one thing: Finding the meaning of an unknown Kanji character as quickly and easily as possible using the only way that really makes sense on a touch-enable device: by drawing it.

Stop wasting your time counting strokes, deciphering radicals, or learning the intricacies of 'well-designed' lookup schemes - simply start drawing the character and watch results appear instantaneously.
KanjiLookup does not clutter your results with obscure readings only found in the name of that one mountain village or cross-references to paper dictionaries you most likely don't own anyway. Instead, it simply shows you what you are looking for: The character's pronunciation and definition. In addition, a searchable list of the most relevant words containing the Kanji character is only a tap away.
Of course you can also search using the keyboard. KanjiLookup can even (optionally) search for all Kanji characters contained in text in the pasteboard.

KanjiLookup was designed from the ground up for minimal start-up time, nearly instantaneous handwriting recognition, and a clean interface that doesn't get in your way. It currently contains information for over 3500 Kanji, including but not limited to all the Joyo and Jinmeiyo characters.
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Literally perfect

JoylessBurrito on

Literally one of the best apps I’ve ever seen. The drawing recognition is honestly incredible, and the stroke by stroke animations help so much. It also doesn’t bombard you with ads or make you get an account or anything like that. It’s literally perfect

So great!

rkrgrllllll on

My kanji is awful but it still can tell me what character I am looking for! Thank you!


fdjbct3378579",;+$ on


So good!

JessieNLeo on

This is a great app! I just discovered the camera tool, which translates any kanji into furigana, and it has made reading Japanese texts so much quicker now! Thank you for this app!!!!


CreamedCorn on

This app is one of two Japanese-learning tools that I couldn’t imagine not having (the other is Kanshudo). It’s so good that even if you are terrible at writing kanji, it’ll probably still return the correct result. One time I came across a kanji in a manga that was written with an INCORRECT radical variation but this app STILL gave me the correct kanji. It’s a godsend. To all the people complaining about it not matching the correct kanji: I’d like to stand over you and see what the heck you’re doing wrong because you gotta REALLY mess up the drawing for this to not work well. Or maybe you are trying to use the camera function which is admittedly not good (especially if you are taking pictures of your TV screen).

It just works

OliCherries on

I don't have to keep searching for a website write kanji. To my even greater surprise, this app isn't buggier than the Congo. 5 stars because it does what it says on the package

Great app. Helped me pass my class

sliceofninja on

This kanji app is amazing. The recognition tool is pretty good at identifying characters, although it can only read horizontally which is a small complaint of mine. However, the search function by writing the kanji by hand is pretty incredible. I’m bad at remembering stroke order but despite that and the fact that the characters I write aren’t always accurate, the app can still recognize what I’m trying to look up. Must have for anyone taking Japanese classes or trying to learn kanji in general.

Easy to use

Poopmytfmhgfjhft on

Great to quickly check kanji


beaners are funny on

It was very nice haveing to know what my lanyard says was a balst

We p

CarletonManorMistress on

C P XXp C CC cpS

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