Poppy Playtime Chapter 2
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---The Train Station---
Explore one of Playtime Co.'s most popular locations, the Game Station! This Train Station is more than just a pitstop... there's games, a playground, and much, much more. Even better- the train provides a straight shot right out of the factory.

---New Toys---
This factory is filled with remnants of a crooked past- All you need to do is go deeper. Let's ask Bunzo Bunny. Or perhaps PJ Pug-a-pillar has some ideas. Or maybe... Mommy knows?

---The Green Hand---
The all-new Green Hand has been introduced into the GrabPack family! You can now carry power with you, remotely! That's not all... you can grapple now too! Innovation has done it again.

• Transfer power without the confines of a wire!
• Grab onto pipes and swing across missing flooring.
• Fly! Kind of- you can grapple straight up, more accurately.

Playtime's not over yet- stick around...
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4.48 out of 5

2,762 ratings in United States

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I a e a r g a h on

Good port from the pc version I played this version as well as the pc version, the graphics are good there isn’t any lag for me at least but, the one problem is kissy missy looks weird and has black pixels all over her but other than that great game.

Pls add controller support

hbtutbug on

Pls I need it

Great game! But one big problem

VanomZorn on

So, I got this game as soon as I seen it and it’s been quite a while since I’ve got and played the game, but now that I have been playing for a video, it keeps on saying that the area is loading and it is fully loaded (it is where the hole after you swing through the gap) but why? Can you fix this?


Hyper Sonic 2 on

Every time after I run through the sewer pipes and swing up I always get stuck before you enter the hole to go to the door to the grinder and it always keeps saying this area is still loading. And I can’t move at all.

Great game but a few glitches

Mom of 3 y/o on

This is a really great game but one glitch is that when you’re first meet mommy long legs her voice will glitch and it freezes and kicks me off the game. A little confused but great game other wise. Keep up the great work! P.S. this is my first time playing this game. Another one is that when you meet mommy for the second to last time before you jump through the hole the game will load for like ten minutes. Had no problems any other times so thanks again!

I love this game

istvan farkes on

This game is very fun because you have to solve puzzles and you have the swing around in chases and it is so fun to do it keep of the good work in poppy playtime chapter 3 deep sleep in building the places where catnap lurks

MOB Games you need to fix this

Err422 on

So what happened is I really wanted Poppy playtime chapter 2 the price on the App Store said six dollars and then we had to pay for it. The total was $11 and I don’t even think it was really worth $11 because the game seemed seemingly unfinished because if you look on the walls of the starting area in the door behind the bookshelf actually, there is no bookshelf but in the hall on the wall it’s just default texture and that kind of made me upset because it’s default texture default mob. I really hope when you release chapter 3 on mobile it is finished. I have the first one and it is way better. this is a disappointment to me because the default bugged me so much and yeah that’s it that’s why I really don’t like it too much. I mean the game is fine but $11 and some default texture. Please try to fix this please please

great imagination!

bingbongboe on

I love the game I beat the game three times and it’s still fun!Thanks for giving all of us a fun game and I love your concepts for the monsters I created some monsters too, but I don’t feel like releasing it to the public but chapter 3 might even be funner than the first and second game the first game was kind of fun and the second game was fun and the third game might even be better I can’t believe it’s the most popular horror game on the entire earth thank you for making a amazing game like this and keep up the work!

This game have too much bugs

Dylanthepest on

There’s something missing in the water sector after I done the puzzle I went to the other side and When the door opened there was a nothing it was a huge void instead I’m so angry with you mob entertainment and please read this note right now and please fix this and update this game please 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

I play on iOS and when I went to finish, the things would not change

I do not like to do this on

Please fix it immediately

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