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* Includes Apple Watch App

Professional share portfolio manager and stock tracker.

Portfolio Trader is a sophisticated stock portfolio tracking app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, providing in depth analyis of your share holdings and other investments. As both a powerful portfolio manager and stock tracker, Portfolio Trader provides the ability to track and analyse multiple portfolios and multi-currency positions, across a variety of Profit & Loss views and chart options.

Complete stock trading and share portfolio management for the professional trader or the casual investor.

Features include

- Multiple Profit & Loss (P&L) views including: Price, Value, Daily Gain and %, Unrealized Gain, Realized Gain, Total Gain and %, Avg Cost and Cost Basis
- Simple swipe or tap navigation between views
- P&L views at all levels - position, portfolio totals and all portfolios
- Individual charts for each instrument across a variety of time ranges (available in full screen)
- Portfolio history charts with comparisons against major indices and other instruments (both MWR and TWR)
- Chart indicators: Moving Average
- Heat Map display of price changes
- Support for holdings in multiple currencies, including within the same portfolio, with instant rate conversions and totals
- Support for GBP holdings quoted in pence
- Multiple transaction types - Buy, Sell, Dividend, Dividend Reinvestment, Capital Return, Split, Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Interest, Fees
- Integrated portfolio cash account
- Manual trade entry or bulk import from PC
- Automatic pricing updates (not all fund instruments supported)
- Option for manual pricing
- FIFO or Average Cost accounting methods
- Multiple sorting options
- Alerts
- Watchlists
- Optional iCloud sync between devices
- Portfolio Import/Export feature for importing large portfolios directly from a local PC file
- Touch ID / Face ID / Password lock
- Multiple color schemes
- Supports iOS 15 and above

- Apple Watch app included

A comprehensive stock portfolio tracker for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Contains In-App Purchases.

Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/appstore/dev/stdeula
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4.67 out of 5

378 ratings in United States

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Excellent portfolio trading app

Sergei2 on

Was looking for a portfolio trading app for a long time, and the search finally stopped with this app. It helps me track portfolios in different currencies, you can track margin borrowing. It is just all-around useful.


Dilmun69 on

Have been using this app for about 2+ years. Never crashed, and very available for support in the beginning. Once familiar with app, straightforward to add, delete, and backup. I mostly use for equities management, but can use for futures spreads with commodities. Very versatile and complete for a $15 app. Highly recommended!

My experience

crobnic on

Simple to use, accurate, and reliable

The best !!

Mr Perfectionist on

Have been a user for 3 years or so …constantly being upgraded … one of the best IMO


JN7677 on

Indispensable tool for detailed control of my holdings. So well designed and continually updated with new features. Highly Recommended.

Awesome portfolio tracker!

Dibop on

This is the best portfolio tracker I’ve ever had. Real time updates, cost basis, and the ability to purchase fractional shares too!

Portfolio Tracker

Marty033 on

I absolutely love and rely upon Portfolio Tracker…but today it won’t update the prices in my portfolio. I’ve tried everything’s and am frustrated.


silverknight 1953 on

It allows me to see my portfolio with one click

Accuracy of data is poor and frustrating

mfjmyr on

What I said.


Jsquid41 on

Takes a little time to learn to take advantage of the many screens but once you get used to the navigation it’s great. I keep track of 4-5 portfolios including cash, margin and more than 100 positions. Would be great to keep track of options too, but I have not seen a portfolio program that is not attached to your brokerage firm that does. Colors and pie charts helps you focus on gains and losses individually, through out portfolio and collectively with all portfolios I love it

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