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Self-knowledge through surveys
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Reporter is an application for tracking the things you care about. With a few randomly timed surveys each day, Reporter can illuminate aspects of your life that might be otherwise unmeasurable.

*Step counting is available with iPhone 5s and later models
**Stair counting is available with iPhone6 and later models
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newpolluter on

There was a TestFlight beta that at least tried to switch the weather API, but it also seemed to break a few things and now is gone. Looks like the end of the road, it was a good run.

Good App But Needs Updating

#1 App Reviewer 💯 on

This is a fun app but no longer records weather updates from Dark Sky.

Your experience is only as good as your prompts

722am on

I’ve been coming back to this simple, beautiful app for 6+ years because it helps me stay self aware. I love that I can fine tune the prompts but I wish there were more visualization and filtering options. An easier way to download and share my content from the Reporter app would be great too.

Pretty Limited

148063148@4 on

The app shouldn’t be $5 first of all, it’s very minimal. Don’t really need much else but figured it would have more bells and whistles for that price. Really wish there was a way to turn off the wake/sleep function. I just wanted notifications at a couple set times during the day without having to toggle a switch at the start and end of the day.

Nice app, terrible accessibility

KenF225 on

With small grey type on a dark red background, this app is essentially useless to anyone without clear vision and no color blindness issues. It is inexcusable to be so contemptuous, or so ignorant, in this day and age.

Needs shortcuts

lew_bear92 on

I Love how personalized you can make this app for logging whatever in life you need to like symptoms, productivity, habits, etc. But I cannot figure out a way to edit my questions without having the app delete or not use my old data in the proportions, graphs, etc. If a way to choose whether or not old data is deleted were added when you’re editing questions, it would be a lot easier to use!

More features please

jeeves78 on

Title may be misleading, but I feel like if two new features were added, it would do so much for this app - 1. Widgets 2. Shortcuts support. Honestly, Shortcuts support alone would do a lot for this app. There are lots of other life-tracker kinds of apps and some I use to track certain activities or events, but most try to guide the user too much and aren’t as customizable as Reporter. That being said, if I could create Shortcuts that integrate with Reporter (to create reports for me) by automatically pulling data from other apps into the reports that I log, or if I could integrate Reporter-focused Shortcuts into my Wind Down routine, that would be HUGE!!! Please consider adding Shortcuts actions for this app

The best way to log data on iphone

sw3dge on

I’ve been tracking various facets of my life on this app for a while now. It’s incredible powerful while remaining simple.

Almost great

RobLo23 on

I love this app. I’ve been using it consistently since 2014 so I have some great data and can see some interesting trends in my life. I would say this is a great app but I feel it’s potential isn’t fully realized. With light sensors on the phone I feel this is a metric I could track like I do sound and altitude. I would love the ability to better visualize the data. I can cut it by time but cannot see one year compared to the next so easily. Really good at what it does but needs a bit more to be truly great.

Uninteresting - Needs work

Raleigh Runner on

The concept is great—to gather various data and look for trends—but most of the analysis part is basically meaningless. First of all, I’d want to be able to set up groups of questions to be asked at specific times of day...not randomly and not just for wake/day/sleep. For instance, I would want: 9am: How did you sleep? What did you dream? 1:00pm: Did you have a healthy lunch? Whom did you have lunch with? (Using my contacts as possible names.) Where? (It would be nice if it suggested places I was over the last few hours.) 5:00pm: How was your work day? 9:00pm: Did you have a healthy dinner? Did you workout today? What friends did you see today? These could also serve as a Reminder app as well. THEN, once you have this data along with data collected by the phone (e.g. where I was, how many miles I traveled, any new contacts added, number of calendar entries, day of week, month, number of pictures taken, etc), I’d like to see insights like: - You travel 30% more on Tuesdays than on other days. - You took 80% of your pictures away from home last month. - You travel 235 miles in an average week. - You traveled 40% less this month than last month. - You exercise more often on Saturday than any other day of the week. - You eat out on 100% of Friday lunches. - You see Bob Smith on 30% of weekdays.

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