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Rerouter is an easy-to-use Safari Extension that automatically opens Google Maps links in iOS's built in Maps app. It works by intercepting links to Google Maps, breaking them apart, then reconstructing them in a way that gets you where you need to go in the app you prefer.

All of this happens privately and on your device. Rerouter contains absolutely no tracking technologies of any kind. Rerouter's code is publicly available so you can see for yourself.

Note: Rerouter may not work when installed alongside the Google Maps app.
Rerouter offers the opportunity to leave me a tip via in-app purchase. While that would be very kind, please note that it doesn't unlock any additional features. Rerouter is totally free to use and enjoy.
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3.22 out of 5

9 ratings in United States

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Great Idea

Spectorga on

Too bad it doesn’t work. Tried everything. Would love Maps to be deault instead of Google.

Links from Gmail

Lawdaddy8848 on

I like the app and it works good from safari, however when you click an address from gmail it immediately opens Apple Maps but says “choose destination”.

Does not work

Yojo911 on

I tried setting safari setting and reopening safari multiple times and it DOES NOT WORK

Almost perfect

elevine on

Hello! Just started using rerouter and had a couple pieces of feedback. In the onboarding flow, it doesn’t tell you to open the extension from the puzzle piece button in the safari address bar and enable the toggle there - I think that’s why folks are leaving the low star reviews. I had similar issues until I found this and it immediately started working. Additionally, it leaves the open google maps tab behind in safari after bumping you over to Apple Maps. Is it possible (within the limitations of available APIs) to close this tab as part of kicking you over to Apple Maps? That would be a major UX improvement. Thanks for the great extension! ps - the submit contact form on your website is broken. It’s claiming the email address is undefined.

Definitely does not work

deanjones on

Tried everything. Rebooted. Removed Google Maps (which ends up sending you to the google maps website instead of app). Turned the extension on and off a few times. Made sure it’s allowed to all websites. Nothing works. Probably something google has done to prevent this, not sure.

Works perfectly

I.Cam465 on

The app works perfectly. If anyone is having any issues, make sure that, in your settings, you allow permission to the app on all websites. Also, make sure to refresh any preexisting tabs you have open that you want the extension to work on.

Needs Work

Spectorga on

Great idea, but does not work seamlessly. In fact, can’t really get it to work at all despite several attempts and explicitly following directions.

Caused high CPU utilization

JT90204 on

In Safari 16.1 on MacOS with lockdown enabled in a private window, this extension caused high CPU utilizatoin to the point that some web pages would not load.


saas aaax on


Looking for this for a long time!

Artiste212 on

I've been looking for a way to change Google map locations in Safari to Apple maps for a long time. Where I live, in a borough of NYC, Apple's walking and bike riding directions are SO much better. Google can't even handle the street addresses properly (for example, 124-40 Hillside Ave) — seems like the extra digits confuse Google LOL. This extension lets me see things in Apple Maps and it works flawlessly. If this keeps working when Ventura is availbe, we'll need to have another cup of coffee then. Thanks for this needed extension.

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Shawn Davis
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3.8.1 (9 months ago )
Released on
Oct 7, 2021 (2 years ago )
Last updated
1 week ago