Shortwave Broadcast Schedules
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Are you a shortwave radio listener (SWL) in need of an up to date set of schedules for international broadcast stations? Shortwave Broadcast Schedules is a handy app that displays broadcast schedules of about 11,000 longwave, mediumwave, and shortwave broadcast stations.

The stations are initially listed in order by frequency. You can tap a button to see which stations are on the air right now, as well as search for stations by name, frequency, time of day that they are on, or select by language, target area, or country of origin.

Stations currently on the air are displayed in bold, making it quick and easy to see which stations are on right now.

The app can keep a log of stations you have heard, with the date, time, frequency, SIO, and other notes you wish to enter. Now your device can be your personal logbook!

You can keep track of favorite stations, as well as set reminders for favorite broadcasts, so you’ll never forget about a transmission again.

Tap on a station to bring up more information about the station, such as the country of origin, target area, and programming language.

When viewing the details for a station, you can tap on the frequency, country, target, or language to get a list of all other stations with that matching value. You can also tap on Schedule to see all of the transmissions throughout the day for this station.

Updated schedules can be downloaded for free.

Visit the support page for step by step instructions on using the app:

Get your copy of Shortwave Broadcast Schedules, and never miss listening to another of your favorite stations again.

Note: A shortwave radio is required to listen to the broadcasts.
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221 ratings in United States

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One of the most Excellent Apps

EverlastKid on

Have used this app continuously for decades now. It’s excellent and well maintained. One of our top 5 apps we use daily. Even hourly. Highly recommend this App to anyone who listens to shortwave radio.

Great app!


I have enjoyed the app very much. It has gotten me past my grief over the loss of so many SWBCing stations over the last last three decades. I am especially enjoying the logging ability provided by the app. WPE4AIXSWL

Simple but useful

MaximIvan on

This is a very bare bones app. It shows radio schedules and allows you to log what you find (great for DXers). The forced landscape is a little weird, but you get used to it. No ads, no unnecessary fluff, just straightforward and to the point.

Did they stop updating the schedule?

Clyde Crashcup on

It seems this app is no longer refreshing the current broadcasting schedules. Making it as useful as a year old calendar. I hope I’m wrong. Will the developers comment on this. Or have they abandoned ship?

As of October 4,2022 this stopped working

ercjncpr on

Now it just displays old schedules from a year ago or more

Great for beginners

JMBlackie on

Having no knowledge of where to start or what to look for, this app is a goldmine of information. I haven’t even had a shortwave set since I was a Boy Scout maybe 60 years ago so I have no memory of even the basics. This is wonderful for anyone with no clue or probably those who know their way around. A great resource well worth 10 times the cost of this app!

Great Resource

Super Dad from Erie PA on

I have this app on my iPhone SE 20 and my iPad 2nd generation - works equally well on both. I especially like the “On Now” feature to review English language broadcasts I may want to listen to. Frequent updates keep everything current.

Well designed

Dr Conspiracy on

This is a. Very thoughtfully and well designed app. It not only searches schedules but allows the user to log reception. Read the FAQ to get the most out of it! My only criticism is that the schedules could be more complete.

Simple IS better!

The Toober on

For me, this is perfect for an evening of SWL or IDing a mystery station. Straightforward to use. Easy updates. I check propagation and go wandering in the aether. 😎👍

Works but could use an update

Larry332738343 on

The app does have some sw schedules but the app itself doesn’t comply with modern iOS standards.

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Black Cat Systems
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Nov 2, 2011 (12 years ago )
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