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This powerful tool is simple fun and easy to use! Simply enter your income and expenses to see help you plan for the future! You’ll be able to see where your money is going, plan for future expenses and reach your savings goals quicker!

Key Features:
- Keep track of your monthly spending
- Create new habits with our Budget manager
- See how much you need to save each pay cycle for future expenses and goals
- Access exclusive SugarMamma videos, with savings tricks and tips, and budgeting advice, including ideas on Passive income
- Quick editing of expenses
- Goal Planner
- Financial Calendar so that you never get a nasty bill surprise.

Safe and Private!
The app doesn’t connect to your bank account, so you won’t be required to enter your online banking details to use the app. Your data is safe, we do not sell your data, it will stay safe on your phone!
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3.33 out of 5

12 ratings in United States

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Really wish this didn’t crash so much

msaifong on

I really enjoy Cana Campbell’s work and I really wanted to use this app. It almost immediately crashes. I tried to use it two years ago and came back, thinking the bugs may have been ironed out. Unfortunately I’ll have to find another personal finance app. Please fix the bugs.

Like but...

Stitch1043 on

I like this app it just needs to be updated.

Love the app

live1life on

I love the app and how it calculates everything for me but it force closes when going to forecast sometimes which I frustrating but I still love it.

Trouble with math on app

Foxy67843 on

When I add a financial event with income it causes an issue with my goals not being included in my forecast.

Please fix!!

Jackieo9p on

I was really excited about this app but it crashes every time I want to see my forecast. Very disappointed. I would like to continue using it, please fix it.

Forecast crashing still

Medeika on

Please fix, otherwise useless :(

Cute idea, but doesn’t forecast

KatePineo on

I was looking for an app that would offer a projected budget. So, if I had $1000 coming in and $700 going out each month, the graph would show a steady climb of $300/month. (Of course, expand that simple example to include various frequencies and one-time events.) This app looked really promising, but it shows me two horizontal lines... one at $1000 and one at $700. Is this a bug?

I love the app so far but would like things added

vhollmann on

I love using this app it’s very user friendly but I would like to see a place on the app where we are able to list our credit cards or “ other debt” and then be able to keep track of the current balance and any extra payments made to them in order to pay the off quicker and be able to attack the next item on out “ debt” list .

Loving it so far

1226chicago_investor on

I love the app a lot but I would work on a way so that it allows for you to enter a different salary/ hourl. As hourly employee some who is paid bimonthly the pay may be 80 hrs 88 or 96 so it doesn’t let you put a fair semi monthly amount cause it could be 88+88 one month and 80+80 another month etc. so hard I just divided my total of the year

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Dec 12, 2017 (6 years ago )
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