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By analyzing HRV and Stress along with additional data, SweetBeat HRV Classic provides a deeper dive into health and provides insight into what activities you engage in that effect the health metrics you care about. It's the classic light interface look and feel with all the same great accuracy. SweetBeat HRV Classic was designed for iPhones with smaller screens but will also function just as well on larger screens. SweetBeat HRV Classic allows unlimited and there are no additional fees or in-app purchases.

IMPORTANT: SweetBeat HRV Classic requires external hardware:
A tested Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Monitor, Wellue DuoEK hand held heart rate monitor or a Wellue VisualBeat heart rate monitor patch. While other manufacturers wrist worn devices work well for heart rate, their wrist worn heart rate monitors are not accurate enough for HRV and so are not supported. The iWatch is not supported.

•Please visit https://www.sweetwaterhrv.com/healthsensors.shtml for a list of compatible Heart Rate Monitors devices.

SweetBeat HRV Classic is NOT a medical device and should not be used as one. Please seek the advice of your physician with any medical questions, issues or problems you may have.

SweetBeat HRV Classic will also import your Apple Health app data (SDNN, Resting Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate) that is collected by the iWatch or other devices authorized to store metric in the Health app. This data is for viewing purposes only and is not used in any HRV calculation.

SweetBeat has two main components:
•Monitor Stress
•HRV for Training/Recovery

Monitor Stress:
With SweetBeat HRV Classic, you can see your stress levels in real time, giving you the ability to take action to reduce stress. If your chosen stress threshold is reached, SweetBeat’s Relax screen prompts you with a deep breathing screen that includes calming images.

•Stats: The stats screen more widely referred to as the “geek” screen, shows all the metrics being measured.

•Graph: The graph screen shows a real-time building graph of your heart rate from RR Intervals. Turning the phone 90 degrees counter-clockwise will bring up the graph in landscape.
•Export RR Intervals: SweetBeat provides RR interval export capability along with other raw data files in .csv format.

HRV For Training:
In competitive sports, improved performance is often affected by alternating periods of intensive training with periods of relative rest. SweetBeatHRV measures HRV, an objective measure of your body’s response to each workout and provides training recommendations based on the morning reading.

SweetBeat Features:
•Customize your Relax screen images with your favorite pictures.
•Track your heart rate recovery after exercising.
•Save and upload sessions to your secure SweetWater Health account at www.sweetwaterhrv.com.
•Email your RRs and session data for personal analysis off-line
•View your Apple Health data with trend lines
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