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Way more than a metronome, the Time Trainer adds five training tools to help you develop your own internal sense of time!

This is an accurate and stable metronome (many metronome apps out there are not) and features:
• tap tempo (to work out tempos by tapping a button),
• countdown timer (for keeping your practice to schedule!)
• many different sounds (you like cowbell, wood or xylophone?)
• accent control (for odd time playing)
• visual metronome movement with a flash on the beat
• vibrate option (on each beat or just accent)

...but then we add to that with five training tools which will really help you develop your own time feel - essential for all musicians!

• Bar Breaks • will mute the metronome for a bar or more forcing you to keep your time solid and be perfectly synchronized when the clicks return! This is a superb exercise and will really help develop confidence in holding your tempo. You can adjust how many bars are solid at the start then how many bars are solid and how many bars are muted which will cycle for the duration of the session. You can also select "random" mode and a % of bars (that you set) that will be dropped for an even more challenging practice session!

• Random Beat Drop • does exactly what it says on the tin... some of the beats (clicks) will be muted at random, forcing you to be confident with your time and not rely on the click too much. Many people chase the beat or try and anticipate it, and this exercise will help you stop those bad habits! I've personally found that the "gradual" setting is most useful, a five minute session starting at 100% with more and more beats muted up to the % that you set.

• Speed Up • is a tool I have wanted for years for my own practice so now I made one. Often when working on scales, arpeggios or licks you want to start at an easy speed where you are playing it 100% correctly and gradually push your technique by playing it faster and faster. With this tool you set a start tempo, end tempo and duration of you practice session and off you go, no more stopping to bump the bpm up a few notches every minute!

• Step Upper • Many people requested that we make a programmable mode, most likely to be used to be able to move from one consistent tempo to another, rather than the gradual increase you get in the Speed Upper. You can program a tempo for X number of bars OR minutes :)

• Subdivisions • Another heavily requested feature was to add in subdivisions for those that need to hear them, and for super slow tempo's where having subdivisions can be really helpful!

I'm sure you will find all of the tools very useful, and of course you will find full support on the justinguitar community forum - please take the time to rate and review it, good things will help promote it and anything negative will help me improve it!

Wishing you many happy hours of practice :) Justin
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Great for practice!

Janani92 on

The app is great and helps a lot in training for speed!


Someone with good taste on

Thanks Justin

Great value

Al in Fla. on

This app is extremely versatile. If you’re serious about your music then this is the one for you. Well worth the two bucks, American.

Please allow us to run the app on M1

poorvi144 on

It would be super useful to be able to run this app from M1 computer. Please enable it. Thanks

🥁 🪘🪘🪘 🥁 🪘 🪘 🪘

NYisHard on

This app is one of the most useful things I’ve ever found for improving my rhythm 🥁 work on the guitar 🎸. Only two bucks. Highly recommend.

Nice metronome, timer doesn’t pause correctly

MichaelA777 on

Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how to cause the timer to pause and resume without resetting the timer to the original time. I often will pause temporarily during an exercise and want to start where I left off. It would be nice if countdown timer were larger in size, to make it easier to see. I also agree with request to allow the app to go into landscape on an iPhone.


Spyke68 on

With the integrated timer this utility is really multi-useful! I like using it to time by bpm chord changes. I use Justin’s chord change app too, but this is great for on the fly and allows me to control the parameters: BPM and time. Also am planning on using the trainer for scales.

Great Apps

eunchee on

This app is innovative and awesome! I love all the different choices. Everything you need to improve your rhythm and timing to perfection. Whoever developed this was a genius!


Bo-Kral on

Does all as described and works well with BodyBeat buzzer!!


lefty slinger on

Justin rocks, a great teacher, great personality, great at explaining things and his metronome is the perfect tool to work on your timing. Thanks Justin for all that you do and provide for me to be a better guitar player. Jeff D

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