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Trope, designed by ambient pioneer Brian Eno and musician / software designer Peter Chilvers, expands further on the ideas introduced by Bloom, their acclaimed iPhone application.  Darker in tone, Trope immerses users in endlessly evolving soundscapes created by tracing abstract shapes onto the screen, varying the tone with each movement.

Recommended for headphones and external speakers.

"Trope is a different emotional experience from Bloom - more introspective, more atmospheric. It shows that generative music, as one of the newest forms of sonema, can draw on a broad palette of moods." - Brian Eno
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4.82 out of 5

34 ratings in United States

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Pioneering Genius

Tupelobound on

When Eno makes an app. You better listen. It doesn’t get any better for generative music than this one.

My favorite music player

Emusette on

I listen and watch this app make music. I find this more enjoyable than a music service simply because it can shuffle the many moods and generates unlimited music. Each song being different and never the same. I use this more than any other music app, including my music subscription services!! I don’t make music with it, I just listen and let it come up with its own things. Simply amazing. Between this and reflection I have more ambient music than my iTunes library! Ha!

Amazing generative music app!

BAR112 on

Was uncertain since app hasn’t been updated in 3 years; however, it works fine on my iPad Pro with iOS 11. Having been a fan of Brian Eno in my youth, I enjoy creating and listening to these ethereal and calming tones. How to use: Draw several lines or dots with your finger, then wait for the song to develop; the music will follow the patterns you created. Also, the neon color flows and geometrics are beautiful to behold! Very relaxing and meditative, for those into this genre.

Lovely app, lately afflicted by a bug

richardgrant on

Trope is, along with Bloom and Reflection, a wonderful collaboration between Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers, fusing Eno's ideas about "generative music" with the computing power and portability of iOS devices. Compared to Bloom, Trope is more flowing though perhaps a bit darker. Unfortunately, as of iOS 10 this app seems to have developed a bug that speeds up the sleep timer and may also affect playback. While I recommend all these Eno/Chilvers apps very strongly, I'd suggest waiting for this to be patched.

So soothing...

johnemr on

I let it develop for hours and hours, it keeps changing and is as interesting as it is ignorable...

Love it

DonRellman on

Warm, therapeutic, adult play, and--why not kids? They'd love it even if attention span would keep it short. Opens creative doors--the simplicity and perhaps even limited or focused direction of these glorious Eno apps are an asset, not a limitation.

Decent for some time

Nielsversavel on

Could be much more representative of Eno's style of music creation. The tones are limited, there is no way to modify the attack of sounds or to make them last. Also there seems to be no way to switch off the random background noises that happen without the users control. Could be a great thing. I like the panning function where the sound is placed left or right depending on where on the screen you click. In Bloom it is much more intuitive to get used to the different moods (I understand they are just different modes of different keys as well as different colors). By 'get used to' I mean learning what each one actually changes and using it in combination with the echo in order to make interesting modulations and stuff of that nature. And there are 12 moods, like zodiac, that's cool. I feel like I have barely any control with Trope. Bloom is better for me in that respect, though I feel bloom is limited too. Cool stuff, but I'll stick to listening to Eno. Sorry but it just feels like Eno and Chilvers threw together a near interesting low grade simulation of ambient music that's prettier than it is usable and marketed it as four separate apps. That's genius I guess, and I'm gonna use it now that I spent the money on it. But for anyone looking for usability and playability, turn around and get something else. If you're looking to relax and help fall asleep, get this. Or just listen to Eno. Okay. That's it. I don't know if I said everything but that doesn't matter much. Goodbye.

Self evolving soundscapes

thomasdmiller on

Elegant app, sonically and visually. Why this stokes deep associations I don't expect to know. No lack of craft.


Deekin_Scalesinger on

Hasn't been updated in forever - I love this app

Time to update

hollandinseattle on

The screen looks awful. Please update!

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Opal Limited
German, Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese, English, Spanish
Recent version
1.4 (9 months ago )
Released on
Sep 19, 2009 (14 years ago )
Last updated
1 week ago