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Dumbify is a minimalist home screen launcher for iPhone. Dumbify helps you keep screen time down by keeping your home screen clean and clear of notifications.

Our minimalist home screen launcher is fully customizable. Dumbify allows you to select the apps that are most important to you, and displays them in a clean minimalist launcher on your home screen.

The minimalist launcher for iPhone works perfectly with dark or light mode, so you can pick what looks best to you.

This text based minimalist launcher lets you reclaim your most valuable asset, your time!

Stop spending hours of your precious time getting distracted by your phone, and let Dumbify, a launcher exclusively for iPhone, simplify your digital life.
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3.67 out of 5

49 ratings in United States

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great start, great potential

Chrispere on

Its a simple app and doesn’t really change the whole functionality of the iphone although I wish it did. it can just change of page of your phone to a more simple look. i’m just starting it but i hope the app gains more functionality in the coming days and weeks and months and years


All is Well88 on


Exactly As Described

WildBandit1844 on

It actually did exactly what I was hoping, understanding the native limitations of the iPhone ecosystem. Only one without subscription!

Solid app that does what it says perfectly

Michaelarvelo on

Great app. Does what it says, straight forward and easy to set up. I have one suggestion which is to allow more color options for the background. I understand it would make the dock background look visible but a workaround would be maybe adding text/art to the dock area as part of the wallpaper or adding some kind of styling that makes it look like it’s not a dock. Even without the suggestion this is a 5 star app because it works exactly how it’s described and helps achieve the goal of minimizing distractions

Fine Currently, Great Potential

Fazzie20 on

So far, I enjoy this a lot. Seems like a good compromise between the Light Phone interface with the functionality of the iPhone. I don’t mind it jumping to shortcuts, but of course I would love if it didn’t (thanks apple). Here is an improvement I would love to see that does not seem like it would be difficult to implement: Various widget sizes. It would be nice to have the big square on top with the medium size rectangle on the bottom to have 2 widgets on one screen (iPhone 12 mini if that helps) I do have one actual issue, the supplied background is slightly different than the dark mode widget and dock. It is just so slightly off that I can see the border of the widget and dock. I have made sure blur is off and no ‘reduce transparency mode is enabled’

Minimalist, simple and easy to use

Minimal Marv on

Once I got the app settup it made my iPhone use so much easier. It’s like reading a book. I dont have to navigate the chaos that is my apps or app folder. I have 3 pages. 1 organized with the productivity tools I use in a daily basis. Another page I use for all my communication and messaging apps. And a third I use for the more recreational apps like camera or a metronome for music, as well as my gdrive. It would be great if the app could create 2 or 3 more pages for additional organization and spacing. Makes my tech addiction that much more easier to control. Thanks!

Works as Described

RyySter on

Needed an app to clean up my Home Screen a bit and so far this fits the bill. Only used it for an hour so far so we’ll see how it goes.

The app is way too buggy for this price

angelus carlo on

After buying the app to test I have came to a conclusion it is a very good idea, but there are too many bugs on the app plus for its simplicity of an app I would feel as if the concept should have been complete before the launch of this application. The short cuts don’t work with full ui of apple , a lot of the shortcuts take you to random places in the application you want to go to.

Shortcuts doesn’t work

amocomidaturca on

I’m trying to get this set up. I’ve been working on it all morning. Some of the apps on iPhone need to go through shortcuts and it’s not opening on my phone like in the tutorial video. I’ve tried everything and I’m frustrated and there’s no contact info so that I can get help.

Works great!

Tristeros on

This is a great app to help reduce my phones addictive nature. It was very easy to setup and works as promised. The developer seems very active in rolling out updates which is always a plus.

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Anthony Burkholder
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1.7.0 (1 month ago )
Released on
Apr 2, 2024 (3 months ago )
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