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It's the game The New York Times called a "Sensation!" and Cosmopolitan raved “Your existence is dull and meaningless without this life-changing app!”

Get ready for endless fun with Heads Up!, the exhilarating charades-style party game that's taking the world by storm. Guess the words on the screen as your friends and family shout out clues.

With diverse categories ranging from Celebrities to Movies and Hilarious Accents, Heads Up! guarantees hours of laughter for everyone involved.

Now available to play through Facetime - where you can play with friends and family all over the world!

How to Play:
1. Select from over 100 themed decks or create your own custom category!
2. Hold the phone to your forehead and let the word guessing commence!
3. Tilt down for correct answers and up to pass on challenging words.
4. Keep the fun rolling with an extensive library of engaging trivia cards!

Decks You’ll Get:
- Celebrity Quiz
- Blockbuster Movies
- Animals
- Accents
- Superheroes
- Famous Characters
- And lots more!

- Enjoy group play with friends, team, or even hundreds of players simultaneously.
- Draw new word cards with a simple tilt of your phone.
- Keep priceless memories by recording gameplay videos to keep for yourself or share on social media
- Entertain everyone from trivia buffs to casual players with various difficulty levels.
- Updated frequently with seasonal and topical fun, plus huge brands like Harry Potter, Marvel, Seinfeld, Friends, Star Wars, and much more!

Heads Up! is the ultimate party game that combines the best elements of charades, trivia, and light-hearted team competition. Whether you're looking to liven up a family gathering or a game night with friends, this app is your ticket to endless fun. It's your super-affordable way to bring joy and laughter to any occasion.

Download Heads Up! now and let the unforgettable guessing games begin!
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Super Heroes
Just For Kids
That's So 90s
Happy Holidays
The Ellen Show
Adult Supervision
Adult Supervision 2: Even Adultier


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Garbage- waste of money

A simple nobody on

Everything is an add on for more cost.

heads up

mallory722 on

I love this app all the time when I’m in the shower with mom we’re playing it and making a song up and I spent everyday playing this app and I love love it

It was fine

Alec521 on

It’d be nice if you could change the time limit. A minute is hardly enough time to guess more than a handful of cards at a time, which ends up being more frustrating that anything.


Pele Parrington on

I put 5 stars so they would see it. I bought the Music hits bundle for $6.99 it charged my account so my money is gone and didn’t even give me the decks. I am upset that I paid a lot of money for a set of decks that I couldn’t even get. The game itself is fun but don’t buy anything off of it. I fell victim to buying a lot of extra decks and it has never charged my account and not given me the decks so app creator or whatever give me my decks that I paid for please.

This app doesn’t work!

ekingme on

This app is awful. Sure, it’s fun, but when I open it and can’t see anything I’ve previously purchased and when I make a purchase and it doesn’t show up, that’s absolutely absurd! I need to request a refund for these because this app just doesn’t work!

Have to buy it for only a few decks

Neverdothatagain33 on

I bought it for many decks, didn’t think it would only come with 8 decks to choose from.

Heads up

Linz4222002 on

Heads up is a good game because it is fun!

Poorly made cash grab

DannyOhBoy on

Freezes constantly. Only gives you 9 sets of cards to play, all the others are in app purchases. Do not buy.

Awesome games but one or two things

Sophia T.W.B.K. and T.M.I. on

So this game is such an awesome family game I love it. A couple people said that it was super glitchy and stuff but for me it was perfectly fine. Now to the stuff that I don’t like. First, I wish that it would be more clear of what type of thing we are doing. Like hey mr DJ, I couldn’t tell what it was until I looked at the picture I haven’t done it wet but I think it is music. Next, I wish that it gave us more options like food or soccer. I was really bummed that soccer was locked because I play soccer and there are only like ten options you can do. Last, I would like there to be like little mini games to like collect coins to unlock more cards if it is locked because my family is really busy so I can’t always do it with them And I don’t think the other cards should cost money if the game cost money. Overall this is a really good game to play with your family just a couple minor thing. If you want a fun game to play with your family this is it. And not guess up please not the game guess up


suckygametbh12 on

NEEDS A TIME SETTING. We should be able to change the time for each turn.

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