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- Turn your phone into a disposable camera
- Snaps are a mystery until they develop at random later that day
- Share your snaps to your Friends feed and see the week unfold
- Your monthly photodump is automatically created on your profile
- Curate your favorite snaps into albums

Lapse is for Friends not Followers™

what are you doing down here? get the app already
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87,128 ratings in United States

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Cute but needs work

🅰🅿🅿👢📧⚡ on

I like the photos and the concept of the app, but mine won’t let me see other people’s photos even though I’ve already invited 5 people…. When I click on the more information icon nothing comes up. Annoying that I have the app but can’t even see my friends posts.

It’s cool

AriLovely2018 on

I’m still trying to figure this app out. I must admit that I feel like it’s like Snapchat, but better lol I deleted my Snapchat account while back so idk how it is now. I really like how Lapse is laid out and the overall vibe of the app.

Groovy baby 🇺🇸🤙

hi-yella. on

Love it so far. Great escape from the oversaturated Instagram. The vintage feel is dope.

Just awesome

Nreks00 on

In love with the app

the set up is a nightmare

caarolineers on

this app forces you to text invite people before setting anything up and forces you to add a certain number of friends??? why? not sure why i can’t just explore the app I have to invite people before even using it? whoever set it up has no brain.

Privacy policy

Somewhat Sleepy on

please rewrite or fix or else I’m sure a lot of people won’t download or will delete and the app will fail

Shot on film

Skateoyo on

The app we’ve all been waiting for

So Much Fun

CristianJ44 on

I Hate Apps Like These, But Ay, Not Too Shabby


OneStarReviewsOfficial on

I love the concept of the app, but the fact that my friend list is put out there without any privacy concern is baffling. I’m gonna have to delete this app until they fix this, but even the deletion process is shady according to other reviewers. Devs, please implement more privacy features.

Like the idea but this is blatant data harvesting

CloudvonDoom on

You have to jump through so many hoops just to get the app up and going. The last of those hoops is forcing you to pick friends from your contacts list and then forcing you to pick another friends that you would consider your closest friends. it will not let you continue without this. Seems very shady to me. I’m good thanks

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