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By analyzing HRV and Stress along with additional data, SweetBeat HRV provides a deeper dive into health and provides insight into what activities you engage in that effect the health metrics you care about.

IMPORTANT: SweetBeat requires external hardware:
A tested Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Monitor, Wellue DuoEK hand held heart rate monitor or a Wellue VisualBeat heart rate monitor patch. While other manufacturers wrist worn devices work well for heart rate, their wrist worn heart rate monitors are not accurate enough for HRV and so are not supported. The iWatch is not supported.

•Please visit https://www.sweetwaterhrv.com/healthsensors.shtml for a list of compatible Heart Rate Monitors devices.

SweetBeat HRV will also import your Apple Health app data (SDNN, Resting Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate) that is collected by the iWatch or other devices authorized to store metric in the Health app. This data is for viewing purposes only and is not used in any HRV calculation.

SweetBeat has two main components:
•Monitor Stress
•HRV for Training/Recovery

Monitor Stress:
With SweetBeatHRV, you can see your stress levels in real time, giving you the ability to take action to reduce stress. If your chosen stress threshold is reached, SweetBeat’s Relax screen prompts you with a deep breathing screen that includes calming images.

•Stats: The stats screen more widely referred to as the “geek” screen, shows all the metrics being measured. If using the HealthPatch, the user can view the additional provided metrics.
•Graph: The graph screen shows a real-time building graph of your heart rate from RR Intervals. Turning the phone 90 degrees counter-clockwise will bring up the graph in landscape.
•Export RR Intervals: SweetBeat provides RR interval export capability along with other raw data files in .csv format.

HRV For Training:
In competitive sports, improved performance is often affected by alternating periods of intensive training with periods of relative rest. SweetBeatHRV measures HRV, an objective measure of your body’s response to each workout and provides training recommendations based on the morning reading.

SweetBeat Features:
•Customize your Relax screen images with your favorite pictures.
•Track your heart rate recovery after exercising.
•Save and upload sessions to your secure SweetWater Health account at www.BeatHealthy.com.
•Email your RRs and session data for personal analysis off-line
•View your Apple Health data with trend lines
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Upgrade is trash

Wrenmaven on

Since I did the software upgrade that was recommended recently the app no longer functions. I cannot see any of my of hrv's and when I take a new reading it shows everything but the hrv.

Won’t pair, no response from company. Buyer beware.

YepIt'sAsGoodAsTheySay on

Despite claims that this works with the Withings HR, it won’t pair with the watch. To make matters (much) worse, emails to Sweetbeat asking for assistance or a refund have thus far gone unanswered. I’ll keep trying to get my money back. Buyer beware!


jimmicans on

Almost nothing worked , app insisted I buy redundant hardware, the few charts that actually worked with my Apple watch were unreadable and a joke. Would have enjoyed lighting $10 on fire more....

Great live monitoring for HRV and stress

Reviewer Nickname 13 on

I’ve been using a few HRV apps with polar chest strap for over a month now. I love SweetBeat for seeing live monitoring of several things at once including HR, HRV, stress. However, the recommendations it gives me after analyzing my data are totally different then how I feel or how my 4 other HRV apps analyze the data—all running at the exact same time. It also is the only one that says my parasympathetic system is active when my other apps say it’s severely not active at all (I have dysautonomia and am finding what works for my systems to have more PNS activity when needed than SNS activity, and I track and graph PEM for pacing with myalgic encephalomyelitis.) I would imagine those tracking fitness or managing stress, can also use accurate info about their ANS. I definitely wish I could turn off the “you should do x, y, or z today.” The “gas tank needle” graphic indicating ANS balance has been way off compared to my other apps running at same time. I love that it has a non-annoying HR alarm (a little whistle) but I wish it would continue to sound until the HR was back lower—Would love having option to fully customize HR zones and HR alarm (like keep alerting until HR is back under threshold.) Custom HR color zones would be extra great. I really need it to be iPad screen size. Thank you for taking my suggestions and for making this app.

Great app and excellent support

nextlevel coaching on

I’ve used several devices to track HRV, including the Oura ring, Whoop etc. I still prefer this app over the others for deeper HRV metrics. Plus their support team is excellent and go out of their way to help with any questions.

So-so but has potential

BGENicaStyle on

I have been trying several different apps to monitor HRV for meditation and recovery. There is potential in this one, I especially like that you could get info on the LF/HF beats. Still, the app is buggy. When scrolling through the information report, the app had much difficultly switching from one screen to the next. Also, there is no instant RR heart rate graph, a wonderful and necessary feature if you are trying to use the app for biofeedback. The breath pacer does not have any options to change the resonance pace (at least none that are obvious). In short, I would say save your money on this one until it really competes with the other apps.

The best HRV for iOS

junoflx2 on

I have literally tried all the hrv monitors offered. This is by far the best one. Although it could be improved ascetically, it provides the most in-depth and meaningful information.

Great hrv app.

corpsemonger on

Although sometimes buggy software, the support team is very responsive and will help find a workaround. I like the hrv for training, but find the stress calculation to have little to no correlation with my actual stress levels. I'm not sure that the correlation and food features are very reliable or provide any value to me, i find the presentation of information slightly confusing after studying lf power, hf power, ratio and relation to stress, and comparing the measured values with how i feel. I feel that the main thing i can conclude is that we are rapidly developing knowledge in a fairly immature region of health and wellness.

Solid App for tracking HRV

aahashmi on

I don’t use the all functions on the app, but it works well for tracking my HRV and has helped pull my average from around 67 to 75. However, when I use my desktop to view my progress, it doesn’t work. I’d still recommend for others just for HRV tracking.

Design needs improvement

Dlsaugstad on

This app is great because it makes looking at LF/HF so much easier than other HRV apps. But the design makes user experience very difficult. For example after you take a reading, to move through all the graphs you have click small radio buttons at the bottom of the screen that are nearly impossible to hit accurately. Could easily make a swipe functionality to move through charts.

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