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SampleTank 2 for iOS is a professional, fully featured mobile sound and groove workstation that brings the sound, power and features of desktop virtual instruments to your iPad and iPhone — without compromise. It is designed for professional live performance, song composition and puts a comprehensive array of world-class instruments, sounds and patterns right at your fingertips.

SampleTank gives you 8 multitimbral instrument slots that you can easily layer or split. Choose from a comprehensive, expandable sound collection that covers virtually every acoustic and electronic sound imaginable. Plus, each instrument category includes instrument riffs and grooves so you can start composing and playing in no time.

The included instruments and the new sound engine are derived from the desktop version of SampleTank, IK's flagship workstation, offering you unmatched realism, variety of sound and audio performance. For the first time on iOS, thousands of professional sample-based sounds and patterns can be easily accessed, layered and used for playing live or in the studio.

SampleTank 2 comes with over 140 instruments and 1,000 patterns including pianos, electric pianos, synths, organs, drums, basses, guitars, strings, brass, woodwinds, voices, ethnic instruments, percussion and sound FX.

What’s more, SampleTank offers an ever-growing library of sounds and are available via in-app purchase:

• Elektronika - a series of electronica and EDM-oriented groove libraries and sound collections that make it easy to create hits in today’s most popular styles

• Miroslav Philharmonik — the legendary orchestral libraries, now available on your mobile device! Stunningly realistic and expressive samples of a wide range of orchestra and percussion instruments.

• SampleTank PRO - the latest and most high-end sounds and grooves available, letting you create professional-grade compositions on your mobile device

• Plus additional libraries covering cinematic sounds, the finest pianos, drum libraries from iconic drummers and much more!

SampleTank for iOS offers over 2,300 instruments and over 1,200 MIDI patterns — the largest collection of sounds available for any virtual instrument for iOS.


• 8-part multitimbral professional quality sound and groove module
• Expandable sound library with 2300+ instrument
• Over 1,200 melodic and rhythmic patterns
• 8-track MIDI recorder with audio export
• Totally redesigned intuitive interface
• New sound engine derived from SampleTank 3 for Mac/PC
• Zones feature lets you easily create splits & layers on your controller
• Song and Live environments for composing and playing
• Built-in insert effects and master reverb
• MIDI learn feature makes programming external controllers easy
• Plug-and-play compatibility with iRig interfaces and controller
• Polyphony: up to 64 voices on new Apple devices
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The Grid
All Sounds
Synth Pads
Sample Moog - Mobile Edition
Sonik Synth - Mobile Edition
SampleTank PRO - All Sounds Pack
Miroslav Philharmonik - Mobile Edition


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2.78 out of 5

95 ratings in United States

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New sampletank

Jonavin Jackson on

Please bring us a new sampletank 2024! ! (:


Jonavin Jackson on

Hello developers of sampletank( : I hate to keep pestering but I do hope that there will be another sampletank for the iPad in the future


Jonavin Jackson on

Hello developers of sampletank( : I hate to keep pestering but I do hope that there will be another sampletank for the iPad in the future

Not usable anymore - abandonware!

Ion677 on

IAA(inter-app-audio) has been phased out. You can’t use the sounds in Logic Pro.

Had high hopes. 🤷‍♂️ Good but needs work.

gospelmusic4life on

I had high hopes for this app when I purchased it years ago. I’ve used it live a few times but always felt a little limited on the polyphony. It has pretty good sounds. I recently purchased more in app sounds. The app is good for using one sound at a time and maybe the drum samples but it will drop notes when you play. I had some issues in live mode with stuck notes when enabling and disabling sounds from a set. Over the years I’ve tried to in corporate it with other apps but I think it’s better to choose it for a drum track or an instrument and not both. Overall it is more stable than some of the other apps I’ve used. Going forward I’ve decided to try to spend money on auv3 apps from reputable developers. It can be a challenge trying to go back and forth between apps running in the background. I have the IK Total studio on my laptop. Seeing this app has not really been updated in a long time it’s hard to suggest investing a lot of money in it. I kind of thought it would be a big difference when I purchased the other sounds recently but think it was not a good idea after spending more time with it lately I wish I had put that towards more gear or other auv3.


BIGBolo73 on

Have you considered revisiting and making this AUv compatible? Would love to use it.

Dead in the water

Mac Dramastic on

This app had so much potential and it seems they just let it fade to obscurity when it could’ve been the best sounds module app on iOS! The sounds are awesome! But unless you’re just a live keyboard performer looking for a library of sounds to choose from, this app is a headache. Not integration with other iOS music apps through the typical protocols. No possible way to mix out instrument tracks…relatively expensive sound packs! If they simply made an AUV3 update that would put this app on par with other sound module apps. But without it…it just makes this a waste of storage as I can implement it in ANY of my current projects. What a waste of possibilities!

Need update

ar0_las3 on

I love this app. Please make support auv3


Shades 4C on

Do you (some reviewers before me) really believe what you’re saying? That “it sounds fantastic”? Is it a joke? I give some credit (hence the one star) for IK Multimedia for trying. But the quality is so low, I almost felt nauseated after I purchased it and played the sounds for about 5 minutes. Have you ever heard good quality and well balanced sampled instruments? Like a Korg Kronos or a Yamaha Motif XF or even a Roland Fantom X? The workstations of yesteryears? We are talking about 10-15 years old models, right? This ST app is a miserable mistake of the developer or an ugly insult to any serious musician, ladies and gentlemen. Did you hear the “Grand piano” patch? One sample per every fifth? Or octave, and then the sustain loops? And maybe two velocity layers of samples at the very max? I’m not even a pianist, I just fool around with synths, but that, my friends, is unacceptable in 2021. I get it that it costs only $25, but there are excellent sounding apps out there (D1, FM1, etc.) for less. Well, they are not aiming to be multitimbral romplers, as ST is, though! The only reason I gave it a shot in spite the mixed reviews and 2.8 rating (thanks for the honesty of some guys!) was that hardware modules are not available anymore. And I prefer hardware. Maybe the Roland Integra 7. It’s $1,800, but it is the real deal, so I’m pulling the trigger. Plus, I had one before, so I know what I’m getting. But this app, once again, made me upset. Not about wasting $25, but about how much lower can we set the bar in an effort to “satisfy” everyone and make this utter garbage available and affordable for young and maybe otherwise totally talented users. Shame, shame, shame …

Very deceptive "promotion"

frankz00 on

Not sure why their website claims in app instruments are on sale while still showing full price in app! I'm not going to dive in head first trusting that the discount will get honored when most likely it will not! Also, the prices have no list of what you'll actually receive! They just seem to want to just charge without explaining what exactly you're paying for! ABSURD!!! ONE STAR!!!

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